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Lunar Chronicles - Scarlet Benoit

Scarlet Benoit from the Lunar Chronicles! To go with the Cinder portrait. I might do portraits of more of the characters like this, but I'll have to see. It is a busy time.

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While this AMAZING, Scarlet has curly hair and a lot of freckles. Also, her eyes are brown.

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This is legit my favourite pic of all time!
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I was her for halloween last year.
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Omg yush!!!! I love the chronicle!!!
I love your Lunar Chronicles art! The way you draw them is very close to how I imagine them in my head  Nod Giggle 
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Great art! Only though, I think Scarlet's eyes are brown... I really like how you did her hair, I've never really like the super curly look so I tried to keep my imagination from it, and this is how I imagined it! ^.^
Please do Peony and Dr.Erland!
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Scarlet looks fabulous! But I have to tell you that in the books, she has brown eyes, not green. The green eyes match her hair, anyways. She looks like Lily Evans :)
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This is exactly how I imagined her! Love it! ^w^
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Mary Jane Watson only wishes she looked like that.
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I love your Lunar Chronicles art!

...Except, doesn't Scarlet have curly hair? 
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She does, she ducking does.
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She does have curly hair, I had just drawn her from memory and forgot about that.
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:D It's great, regardless. 
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These are excellent. Marissa Meyer loves fanart, you should send these to her. They are the best I've seen.
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Thank you very much! I think she sees them, the official Tumblr usually reblogs them (it's run by the publisher, but I think she looks there now and then), and she just left a comment on the Iko portrait!
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I love it but in the books, scarlet has a lot of freckles....also, you should fix her chin allignment, it looks a bit slanted. Otherwise, good job! 
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I think this is the weakest of your TLC works. It's not as detailed, as realistic. It looks a bit rushed where as the others look like you were just going so slowly as if not to miss anything 
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I totally agree. I think the main reason is the edge around her face is so sharp, but with the others it had a nice blur.
Your work is amazing!
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