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Lunar Chronicles - Queen Levana

Makeup ads are a good place to find Levana reference. I always pictured her with raven hair but the book says she has auburn hair, so auburn hair it is! (But darkish auburn)

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Really nice, but... the first book states that she has black eyes, and unless that changes somewhere... (I haven't finished the series yet, just starting Cress right now.)
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I took notes of the character's appearances (I think it was while I was reading Cress, actually) and have Levana's eyes listed as 'copper'. I think that they might look different depending on the light, or that she uses her glamour to change their color.
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Oh, okay. :) I also took notes, but like I said, I haven't finished the series yet.
Wow... beautiful.
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I'm pretty sure after Everett's wife died, I think her name was Solstice, she became Solstice... but prettier? I don't know, but I always pictured her black like Solstice. 
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No, the book says she made herself have Solstice's features, however with "ivory" skin instead of dark.
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Heyyyy. You a fan of the Lunar Chronicles?????Happy Hop
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Yep! I once got a request to make a picture to the characters, and I did some research to get them right, got curious in the process and thus bought the books, only to find out they're great :D
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ahh, okay, thanks!
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waooo I love this!!!!!
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You should do one where she doesn't have her glamour
agreed. Then you could do a before and after.
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I always pictured her with black hair too.  And it wasn't until I reread Cinder (before reading Winter), that I realized Cinder was a brunette.  For some reason, the entire time, I was picturing her as a blonde.  Maybe its some sort of hangover from Full Metal Alchemist.  ^.^
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I thought she was blonde, until I read Scarlet. XD In my country Winter hasn't came out. Actually I waited two years for Cress :^;
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Awesomely evil! Have you done any wit out her glammer?
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She is an unnaturally beautiful, which you capture perfectly. 
BB-CBS-Fan's avatar
Even though she's the main antagonist of The Lunar Chronicles, I still love her character so much!:D
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She is a badass character SPOILER She Is lunar like cinder
IreneAdler7437's avatar
I love this!!!!! Its beautiful. Can you possibly do one of what levana looks like without her glamour according to Fairest?
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Thank you! Sorry, I don't have plans to do any fanart currently, due to lack of time. (but I have to say, I really like your Lost icon!)
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Eeeee!!!! I just finished Fairest. Will you be doing variant portraits of Levana and her ex-husband? Pls say yes.
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Nice :D  I love your portraits :D

I think Levana can make people see her as having any hair color she wants them to think she has, so raven, auburn, blue, gold and fuchsia are all options :P  I love how she looks here though :D

Have you read "Fairest"?
EVIL!evilevilevilevilevil!!!i could kick u in the shin(though youd probably stop me and make me cut off my own foot in retaliation)
dont mess with kai and cress(that rhymed, didnt it?)
i imagine her with black hair too.
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She's so impossibly pretty....though seeing her is how I feel about her in the books everytime they mention the wedding I get this little twist in my stomach...
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