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Lunar Chronicles - Princess Winter

(I tried to give her long hair, but it made her look too old.) If I had a dreamcast for Winter, I think it would be Oluchi Onweagba. She is so gorgeous! But a unique sort of gorgeous vs. Levana's fake glamour. Anyway, it is hard to try and draw the most beautiful person ever and have them still look authentic and unique, but I tried my best.

Wows. I thought Winter's introduction in Cress was awesome! :meow:

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She's absolutely beautiful, you honestly did such a fantastic job that I can't even put my thoughts into words and not just with her but with all of the Lunar characters. I'm new to Deviant art, I've always scoured Google looking for fanart but after seeing your pic of Cinder, I came here, signed up and was blown away by your other drawings. You are so unique and distinctive, that I had saved several of your pics before I realized that you had actually drawn them all. If that makes sense. Anyway, just wanted to say that I love your art.

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I pictured winter with longer hair..?? Less curly?
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Everyone's mental image is different. In the description it does state she was going to have longer hair, but the artist didn't like how it looked for the image.
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I'm reading Winter right now! I love this picture!!!!
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Exactly how I pictured Winter
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This is awesome!! I love the soft coloring A+ dream casting too!
This is so prettyClap :happybounce: 
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I love the lunar books and your art is amazing!
She looks JUST like Jasika Nicole!
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Ooo, I loved Jasika Nicole in Fringe! I didn't even think about her when I was painting this, but I totally see what you mean.
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Aww. I haven't read that book yet. I can't wait till I do. It seems to be a good one.
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How O.O 
It's just perfect!
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Another great one.  This is how I pictured Winter, too.  I think you did some sort of mind trick, and pulled these from my head.  The only issue with this one, is that I think her scars are on the right side of her face.  But I'm not sure.  I'd have to reread it.  Nonetheless, another beautiful piece.
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I think longer hair will suits her and make her look younger
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I think she looks great. Can't wait to read WINTER!
hi i was wondering if i could use this as an example of fanart for a book report project i'm doing in class? i'll make sure to give credit and put in links :)
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That's fine, thanks for asking.
When I first looked at this I was like "Wuuuuut that can't be Winter." And now that's how I picture her and I think she's the most gorgeous human being I've ever seen.
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Amazing! I'm like in the middle of Scarlet but I can't wait to meet Winter! Also, congratulations on having your art as portraits on The Lunar Chronicles Wiki!:)
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Winter is so awesome. xD She always seemed so young with her personality, it was hard to imagine her older.
Jacin= This serious dude.
XD its hard to imagine, I'll be happy to see how it works in Winter.
hi just wanna tell you that i absolutely love this image of winter and if i may use it in a competition of creating a luna chronicles bookmark I'm entering. will give you all the rights on the bookmark by putting your name on the back also a look of the completion of my bookmark. 

please reply asap THANK YOU!!
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I don't think so, sorry, you should use your own art in a competition.
thats okay thanks though for replying. keep up with your amazing work. :)
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"There were times when Scarlet felt like she'd hardened her heart to the girl's impeccable beauty — her thick hair and warm brown skin, her gold-tinged eyes and rosy lips. But then the princess would give her a look like that and Scarlet's heart would skip and she would once again wonder how it was possible this wasn't a glamour."
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