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Lunar Chronicles - Linh Cinder

This is mostly a face study. I wanna make fanart for the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, but the first time I try to draw a character they never seem to turn out right, so here is a practice run.

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These portraits are a really cool representation of all the characters.

I just so happened to read the lunar chronicles and then immediately started playing fallout 3. There is a quest called The Replicated Man and it's about an android on the run. And they are from an area called the Commonwealth. I had déjà vu when they started talking about it.


This is awesome ... I've used it as my profile pic before.

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I've looked at all your fanart and i've came to the conclusion: YOU AMAZING
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Hey, I absolutely adore your Lunar fan art. Some of my blogger friends and I are huge Lunartics, and we wanted to create a little Lunar Crew for fun. Basically, we each pick/are different characters from the Rampion Crew. We were thinking of using your fan art and just putting our name/blog name below showing who each of us are - it's mostly for fun, but there's a possibility we might write a blog post and use the fan art for it, so I wanted to make sure it's okay with you. When/if I do make it, I will definitely put a credit to you in the corner (or however it ends up fitting) if that's okay. Again, gorgeous art. We're all obsessed. 
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As long as you give credit, I'm fine with that. Thanks for asking!
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This is so good! Cinder is my favorite character in the lunar chronicles : D
I love this series.
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Hi! I was wandering I have a book report due on the book Cress and my teachers at my school are really strict about using photos and drawings without a persons permission and I was wondering if I could use your fanart of Cinder simply for a project. If not that is fine I could always try to draw her myself but I saw your drawing and really wanted to use it! If I do don't worry I will credit you even if its just for a small book report. 
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I'm fine with that, thank you so much for asking for permission first!
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o-o its so pretty!
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Congrats! Your pictures of the TLC crew are on their wiki pages! Amazing!
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This is so amazing!!!
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Ciiinnddeeerrrr is gawgeois
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Oh my gosh, your Lunar Chronicles stuff is amazing! It's not a very well-known series, but I was really glad to see your stuff when I searched for fanart. Great job. Can't wait to see more!
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I can't wait for winter to come out (●´∀`●) great job!
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I found your work months ago, and faved a few not knowing who the characters were (just love how pretty they are). I am almost finished the first book, so I've come back here to get a mental image for the characters ^_^ Your work is as good as canon imo.
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Your work is amazing! I just finished reading the series and I love it! I'm starting to draw the characters as well so you really inspire me! Thank you for sharing your work with all of us!
Cinder is so Dam sassy
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Just finished reading Cinder and now I'm on Scarlet. I❤ your art for all of the characters 😍.
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I have just found this series (on book 2) and I have come to love these characters!
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I love TLC and these pictures are amazing! 
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Fantastic art! Your faces are amazing. You should try painting Cinder with her glamour, although, judging by this picture, she really doesn't need it.
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