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Lunar Chronicles - Jacin Clay

Of all the characters, Jacin was the hardest for me to picture in my head, but I hope this is somewhat similar to how others see him >.> I am looking forward to some Jacin development in Winter, because of all the main heroes, he sure needs it the most at this point :XD:

I am proud of that Lunar uniform collar. Makes me wonder what the rest of the uniform would look like, but I didn't think it through that far.

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OMG so my best friend's name is ironically Jacen, I know, not spelled the same way but still. great job he's soooo hot

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This is EXACTLY how I pictured him 😩😩😍

You may or may not know this... but this picture is on the inside cover of Winter, along with other fan arts, but this one clearly stands out. They should have put all your face drawings on the cover!!!!! I bought my copy from Target and didn't realize there were different editions until my sister saw my copy and said her's didn't have the fan art. She was so jealous.

I was so happy to see him on there. I know it's been like forever since winter, but I just finished rereading the series and I am OBSESSED AGAIN.

Super in love your artwork. If I had more than two thumbs, all of them would be up.
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Oh man im such a huge fan of the Lunar Chronicles, to put a face of every character is just amazing! Great Job!
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He looks handsome.Moon (Feeling love) [V1] 
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lol this kind of looks like Nash Grier if you look at it XD good job!
LUV IT. he is kind of themajor prince charming, isnt he? carswell is my fave thoLove 
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I like this :D  I actually pictured Alex Pettyfer as Jacin as I read the book -- I know how cliche that might sound, but I seriously think he captures the haughty essence of Jacin's character. If anything, your work here kind of reminds me of how Alex looks ;D
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Please tell me that's Cress's boyfriend.
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the eyebrow game is so strong xD
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you must have great eyebrows

oh, and I'm a big fan of your LC works and The Silver Eye comic.
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I just finished Cress so now I have a better idea of who he is. I hope he'll be okay. 
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I picture him with like, pure white blonde hair.... I thought he had a ponytail
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He used to have a pony tail, but it got cut at some point between book one and three. I noted him being described as having "hair the color of golden straw" and "hair longer and lighter than Thorne’s" so you could be right.
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Wow...Jacin looks SO much better than I expected! Surprised Kirby 
Hes such a jerk, but it's cute how much he cares for Winter! :giggle: REVAMP 
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Agreed! I can't wait to see him and Winder interact in the next book. :meow:
I just had to make an account to comment because your artwork is AMAZING! I finished reading Cress last week and the drawings for all these characters are on point! If you read any other book series... let's say Delirium or others, would you pleeeaase draw characters from them? Because this style of artwork is by far the best and most favorite that I have seen!
Love #1 :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you very much!

I might do drawings like this for characters from other series someday, it just depends how much I like the story and if I have the time!
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so beauty so gorgeous /strokes
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