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Lunar Chronicles - Iko

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This makes me so happy...Iko is by far my favorite
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Iko is adorable! "Because you won't have grease on your face this time." Love 
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Gorgeous! Now the only other thing missing is Liam Kinney *hint hint* :)
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Is this after she was given an actual body?
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Yeh, she used to have a robot kind of body then she was used as the main computer for the Rampion and then Thorne helped out with the escort droid body c:
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Iko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 
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Iko is my favorite character!!! You did a wonderful job. I love it.Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 3D Heart free avatar Heart - Free Bunny Emoji-09 (Heart) [V1] Fella Heart Kiss (Love) Supernatural - Paranoid Dean A Heart For YOU Luffy Anime Emoji (Sho Happy) [V3]  Neko Emoji-42 - (Kawaii Admiring) [V3]  
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</3 My heart is breaking over how GREAT this is. Her expression is great and the synthetic fire of her eyes matches her robot curiosity and how indulgent she seems sometimes! Amazing!
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Human Iko looks so intense . . .  I haven't read this far yet lolol :D
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sorry for completely spamming your in box with favs but I LOVE YOUR LUNAR CHRONICLES STUFF!!!!!!
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I love this! All of your works based on the Lunar Chronicles is gorgeous!
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I love her smile in this. It perfectly conveys Iko's cheerful, bubbly personality
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I was wondering if everyone forgot about Iko. This is a fantastic version of her. You've got her smile down pat!
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this is so how i imagend her!
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Those eyes are stunning!
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