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Lunar Chronicles Characters

Edit: Okay, finally drew Jacin and Winter cause I needed a complete set for a thing. Can I recreate that sketchy-on-a-whim style I did four years ago? The answer is, "Lol, nope!" but at least the gang's together.

Sketchy drawing of the peeps. Still getting a feel for how to draw them. Left to right: Cinder, Kai, Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, Thorne, and Queen Levana, Jacin Clay, and Princess Winter, all from the Lunar Chronicles.

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Wah! Jacin is perfect! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] Heart

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would it be too much trouble to do Cress with short hair?
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I love the Lunar Chronicles!
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So love how you draw all of the characters...especially Scarlet and Throne! so perfect!!! Thank you~~~
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It's so bootyful!
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wait where's Iko!!
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I love these! They're so perfect
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is this book anything like red queen?

I've heard a lot about it but haven't read it yet and am wondering how I would like it
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My friend who has read them both says that they're very different but that if you like the Red Queen series you'll probably like The Lunar Chronicles too.
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Can I use this pic for a book report that I am doing?  I think that it's GREAT!
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If you credit me, I'm fine with that. Thanks for asking!
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I saw this on YouTube and it's so cute!
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These guys are cool! I read the first three books, and now I'm reading Fairest, It's a very intense book, but it's interesting to learn more about the villain's past. Especially Queen Levana, she had a tragic and abusive past thanks to Channary.

Marissa Meyer writes the best series and puts in so much character in her heroines and heroes!
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she's got another coming out that's about the red queen from alice in wonderland. i think it's already out. but i'm sure it will be good. (been low on funds so i haven't gotten it :()
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Oh yes, I've heard of that, I think it's called "Heartless." I think it's about the Queen of Hearts actually, I'm back to reading Fairest and I'm gonna reading Winter next. 
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This is so awesome!
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This is beautiful! Exactly how I imagined! (Three more days till the last one comes out!!!)
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I'm already almost done with the last book. Hehe...
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I think you are both a good artist and a great reader. They are way close to how I imagined them.
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