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Eye Tutorial at 3/4 View and Profile

Eye Coloring Tutorial by me | Other Eye Tutorials: 1 2 3 | My Resource list for Faces and Heads

For that Picasso one, I zoomed in 300% and drew each feature without looking at any of the rest of the face. The results were amusing. Anyway, don't know if any of this is helpful. I always start trying to make a tutorial for something specific but then wind up with a ton of random tips. This isn't everything you need to know about eyes from 3/4 view, it will work best alongside other eye tutorials and reference.

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Honestly, I don't know if I'm looking at these because I needed help drawing or just for commentary.

"This isn't ancient egypt, get your act together." "Sid from ice age" "please for the love of all that i holy, use yer paintbrush, not the smudge tool." "If their hair is on fire, carry on." 😂

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Thanks, it is the biggest help for me

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This helped so much, because I always get stuck when it comes to draw the eyes in perspective. Now I figured out that the form of the eye, the geometrical shape of it has extreme importance in the perspectives. So, thank you very much!
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Thanks for this, it really helped!
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bless your heart for posting this <3
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Great notes, thanks!
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Thank you, you Angel of tutorial eye drawing angel queen. I had so much trouble until 2 seconds ago. My bff who is amazing at drawing tried to help but I can't understand things well if they're just said to me. With you and her together I really understand better now :love: 
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A wonderful set. Thank you!
Oh thank you! That squished horizontally bit really helped when I think of drawing eyes.
Also the eyes you draw are super adorable!
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This is great. Thank you!
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3/4 has to be one the hardest views, yet my masochistic self never does anything else, it's so ridiculous, it's almost a subconscious thing, I just do it every time. Thank you so much for this because I never get it right!
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I gotta keep this handy! Thank you kindly!
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Thanks for this very helpfull tut' ! :)
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Ah tutorial that allows me to check my mistakes!! what a great idea. I struggle with eyes a lot and your breakdown really helped. Thanks so much!
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I really wish this was around when I was struggling with drawing eyes because I had to learn these on my own. Awesome tutorial though. :heart:
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Always had trouble when aligning the eyes. Thank you for sharing this. :)
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please continue being awesome, you're lighting up the world
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THANK YOU! This is going to help me a lot! ^v^/
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Thank you!  Very helpful guide!
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Awesome, helped with fixing my eyes on a painting
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