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Black and Blue

My characters, Syllor and Melete Dolan! Their relationship takes place a long long time before the story in The Silver Eye begins, and if you're a reader of The Silver Eye [link] , then you'll eventually find out that these two are Apen's ancestors. I wanted to make an image of them back when they were sweet. It's a shame it didn't last. That's why they're at peace and in love, yet their surroundings are utterly cold and bleak.

The background is really what makes the image. I used a reference photo for those rock formations, which is something I think I should do more often. I've been skimping out on my backgrounds recently, and it just takes a little bit more work to make them really worthwhile. This picture is quite lovely and personal to me. While I know the story of The Silver Eye is better crafted, the ancient back stories in that world are still closer to my heart.

This is their song, even though it doesn't totally go with this drawing: [link] :meow:

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Poor Blue. I love this btw, one of my favorites of yours.
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Melete is so funny! Such a great character. I love it when she walks in to greet Valvare and trips on her face.
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I just realized, Syllor is actually taller than Melete!
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Yeah, if they were both standing straight, I think he'd be a few inches taller. I will point out though, that in the height chart Melete is about 7 feet tall, but a lot of her appearance has been altered with curses. It's not her natural height, and Syllor's about 5'9", not a 7+ giant. :XD:
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These two are rather charming together.
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I love the background, its so beautiful!!
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Oooh, intriguing. I'm really curious as to the history behind this world, but I guess I'll just have to wait and find out!
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Good work!

Nice composition and that background is fantastic!
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Thank you very much! :D
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really liked how those rock in the background turned out
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When I draw rocks I tend to add several lines (strokes) to mimic roughness or ridges. I see you do that better with shadowing techniques here.
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Oooohhhh I like this! Her dress is incredible, and there's just so much neat emotion in this image! I want to find out more about these two <3
LauraHollingsworth's avatar
She is one of those fancy characters who I get to dress up all the time. :meow: You'll learn about them! ...Sometime.
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Wonderful background! I think it complements the characters very nicely.
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