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Apen Age Meme



This is Apen Shephard, my OC from my webcomic, The Silver Eye: [link]

Hopefully DA is full of enough young people that no one is offended by what I consider ‘old’ :shrug:. Old Apen looks like my dad, if my dad had... *a lot more hair*.

Please don’t ask me to draw my characters dead. My characters never die unless I choose to brutally slaughter them! Now that I see how hardcore old Apen is, I do not think I'll slaughter him ;)

Original Meme: [link] by :icon8r9ona999: It just...erm, might be a tad unrecognizable. The Typography student in me just wasn't very happy with it, what can I say.
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I don't know if it's just me, but the quote-on-quote "old" Apen doesn't really look old to me. In fact, he must've aged ridiculously well to look that good in his old age. Better than his "adult" face, I'd argue. <3