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I have finally joined the Twitter and Instagram brigade. If you are interested you can check me out on twitter here and on Instagram using @laurahollogram Come and find me, and then I can return the favour! Thanks as always for following :heart: 
Complete leaflet by LauraHolArt

I am participating in a pop up shop happening in London soon (3rd of July until the 9th) It would be great if you could pop along to see some great art, jewellery and photographs, maybe purchase a few souvenirs, and more importantly, come and say hi :-) 
Exhibtion duo by LauraHolArt

I have just opened up a solo exhibition on the Isle of Wight, running at the Quay Arts Centre in Newport for two months. (8th of I April 2017 until the 5th of June 2017) I hope you can visit (although I appreciate it is not the easiest place to get too Laughing!

Exciting news! One of my paintings has just been short-listed to be on the front of a local art magazine. I am up against 6 other artists and there is a vote to pick the winner. If any of you have a facebook account I would be grateful if you could swing by ArtStyle Magazines page and give my picture a thumbs up! The link is here         


Thanks for voting if you do so, but even if you don't, thank you for all the support on here, the comments, faves, feedback and watches, all make me very happy :happybounce: 

Bodiam by LauraHolArt

Wow! A Daily Deviation! I didn't see that coming! What an amazing surprise. Thanks everyone for your lovely feedback, I shall try and thank all of you personally over the next few days and check out your exciting and inspirational galleries! 

I also want to say a massive THANK YOU! to BokehLight and jempavia for both the suggestion and the feature respectively. You have both made me super happy! Everyone should also make the effort to check out their pages too if you haven't already as they contain inspiration galore. 

I am skipping the country for a few weeks in search of inspiration in the big old US of A! I might not be online much in the meantime but I will be back in mid March and looking forward to seeing what exciting work you have all produced. If any of you get withdrawal symptoms whilst I am on my 'inspiration sabbatical' you can always catch me here:

Thanks for all the recent support everyone, I shall be raising a cocktail or two to you all whilst I am away :D   
It is probably about time I shared these links around a bit. I know I don't offer any prints for sale through DeviantArt but you can get some through my website here

Alternatively I do have a facebook fan page you can follow which gives you news about offers, new pictures, and odd competitions I run where you can pick up a few freebies

Lastly for some ramblings about my work, art in general and some slightly weird things I find interesting I have a blog up and running too at

Marketing blurb over!
My website has just had a bit of a revamp and is hopefully a bit more interesting than it used to be.....

Take a look if you are interested at
I am new to this, and frankly don't really know what is going on. I'll try though and hope you like the stuff I stick up. Fingers crossed I'll get used to it all soon and then write something more interesting......