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Burning Within


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Currently in need of commissions to pay a new pc- since mine is broken and almost dead! If interested check the link above!

As his last breath faded, and his hand fell losing the grasp of hers, her heart broke. Ever since then, one of its halves never left that Tower.

The Lich Dragon stood and opened its mouth, despite his actual owner after Fenrir had died- although it was supposed to stop moving and vanish, he cried terribly, making the walls tremble. The blue thunders of its breath ate the table, the chairs, and its sparkles took life of their own, becoming fire.
Her eyes burned from the sudden light, and tears started running through her cheeks. "If it wasn't for you he'd still be alive" she thought, her heart cringing once again at the memory of his last moments, breathless between her arms, life flowing away from his lips.
<<How dared you insulting him?>> Lilith whispered. <<You said drows are evil, but you're not match to the great person he was. You're no better than dark elves>>.
<<Please...mercy>> the murderer said. <<I'm sorry for what we made, I swear. I'll do everything you want! Spare me!>>
<<Can you bring him back to life?>> she asked, and at his disoriented look, pronounced her sentence: <<Then you're useless>>.

Remake of: ( Burning Heart, thumb below).  Because looking at it was making my heart cringe. One year of improvement here.
Burning Heart by Lilith-the-5th
Lots of detailing and attention in this piece. I will aim higher.
Kinda stuck with the story, but please feel free to read Free Souls- chapter 1 and the following. :)

Lilith is my DnD (forgotten realms) character- half drow OC.
Made in photoshop&Wacom Intuos Pro S, lost the count of the hours, made in the lapse of months little by little.
Hair flow and feeling probably inspired by kelogsloops's artworks.:love:
Thanks again Fenrir--the-2nd for helping me out with the base colours. Must hate orange:giggle:
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X3 Emote :eeeee:   Wow, this is stunning! It should be a DD!
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Oh my, you're so sweet!:blush: Thank you so much! >w< :glomp:
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You´re welcome!Huggle! 
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Striking and beautiful.
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Thank you so much!:love:
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Simply beautiful... wonderful work. *sigh* :)
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Aww thank you so much!:hug:
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Dude i just realized half drow can exist that's pretty great! I play as a halfling rogue, pathfinder instead of D&D though. May your sword (Or sorcery in this case) stay sharp :D

*AHEM* I have absolutely no life.
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Ahah it's fine, it's fine, I love talking about DnD :la: Thank youuu my Lil is a rogue/shadow dancer so the sword is definitely appropriate ;)
Halfling rogue is very neat! Our characters could be friends, eheh :D Is this your first campaign? If not, which character of yours is your fav?
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Third campaign! I did really like Bellis, my halfling fire sorceress, but Rikka my ratfolk wizard was fun too. Out of all of them i would have to say my favorite one would be my current one, Lissa the rogue i was talking about earlier. (Nerd alert) :3
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Hooo that sounds great!:la: Yeah Wizards are extremely fun (especially roleplaying-wise!), but rogues are very fun during fights and while gathering informations!:heart:
I've played something like 2 campaigns from start to end and a few other sessions here and there.

My main and favourite character is Lilith, half-drow (with 1/2 elf father, so it's a weird mixture xD) rogue and shadowdancer. She was pretty clumsy and was to overthink about stuff, and believed in some sort of karme- so she was kind with those who were kind to her, and mean with those who betrayed her. Like, really mean. She had this thing to set things on fire. :D
Then I had Ilu, barbarian/ ranger. She didn't think about what to do much, instead. After a few talk she lost her patience and charged in. Very stubborn, too. Very fun to play xD
Then Brosque (who died so I had to create Ilu's stats), lawful neutral warrior, very stiff and stuff. He was the boss of the player groups and I went disturbing their illegal actions every time bossing around, it's been terribly fun!:laughing:
Then I created a half-elf warrior/ barbarian who pretended he couldn't read, all snobby, a chaotic neutral sorceress who used magic and long-range weapon because she was afraid of blood (so I had to roll everytime I hurt enemies, what's wrong with me and these characterizations :lmao:) and a chaotic evil gnoll. I would have liked to develop the gnoll more but I haven't been playing for a long time.

Gosh this was a long message xDDD Yessss nerd alert indeed!
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