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Realm One

Perspective shift. "Realm One" graphite on illustration paper, 2005 

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I have you put each detail and shapes into this one
VibrantVoid's avatar
Eat them up yum yum
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this too is really really awesome. I wish I could say something more but it wouldn't do justice, I love your style :)
lauraborealisis's avatar
great! super glad you like and thanks for the positive comments! :)
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That depiction of an eye is mesmerizing, and the accompanying thoughts strike a chord. Beautifully drawn piece.
dandadam's avatar
cool stuff this would make a good tatoo aswell
ps love the magic mushys
blackonwhite's avatar
Very expressive. Lovely details.
Piggypink's avatar
mushrooms! .. *ahem* I mean. I like it! very inspiring I guess. :+fav:

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most beautiful. you do what i do, only fantastically. wonderful.
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i love this title
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"At the time I was attending this large church in the suburbs.
It was like going to church at the Gap. I don't know why I went there.
I didn't fit." - Blue Like Jazz - Donald Miller
PaintedPeople's avatar
Wow, I grew up in Utah in a hardcore mormon family, I know exactly what you're talking about. For me psychedelics opened the initial escape route, and it's amazing how challenging all the foundations of dogma that have been forced on you for years will open a new mind and the whole world will become unexplored territory. My artwork changed drastically after that, as did everything else. It's hard, but if you stay true to yourself, it's well worth it...for me the challenge was finding what I do believe (Rocks'nTreesMayaHopi&Me) instead of just defining more and more reasons I don't believe.

great artwork as usual, I really like the shape of the eye, it has a confidence due to secret weapon expression.
DragonTreasureArt's avatar
Oh dear, yeah, having to attend church is never pleasant in my opinion (unless it's simply to look at pretty stained glass windows). Atleast it gives you a reason to focus on art and create all your beautiful work :D
followmyeyez's avatar
wow... i wish i could use a pencil like that. this piece is amazing! could you get any prints made for that?
followmyeyez's avatar
hmmm, i was thinking last night about it... this wouls be one badass tattoo. id love to wear some of your work! lol =)
rhesusmonkey's avatar
OooOOoOooo Gorgeous. The iris especially is incredible And hang in there, that churchy business is no good.
Freedom of religion is the law, Freedom from religion is devine.
Aenjel's avatar
This is wonderful. What size is the original? For that matter, what size do you usually work your pieces in anyway?
ashes2infinity's avatar
Yet another amazing work!
You're really blowing me away!
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your drawing is beautiful. you have tremendous skill.

the flaw in organized religion is that no one follows the actual holy books.
if people followed these books, there would have been no Crusades in mideival times
the world trade center towers would still be standing
thus, there is NO HONOR in the "illustrious pasts" of these glorified faiths.

your parents are heretics, man.
power to you, victim of ignorence.
I see a faith in your eye.
Metaphormoose's avatar
Lovely...I draw at church too but I go voluntarily. I don't think you have to worry about your soul, and hopefully your parents will learn not to as well :)
Peacefroggie's avatar
Hey kickass...this looks kinda like the sorts of doodles I do, with the shrooms and all, only in this one you can tell you have skill, unlike me :D I used to be bored off my ass in church and I stopped going for a long time, but now I try to make it in whenever I can, cause I reckon that immortal soul stuff is gonna be important sometime, and it's good to keep God in your life, right?
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This is great. I used to doodle in the bible when my parents made me go to church. Keep up the awesome work
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