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Bannire Twitch Player by LauraBevon

Join me there in 10-15minutes for few hours !

I'll be working on this little puppy :3

As33 V2sketch By Laurabevon by LauraBevon

Feel free to share your own channel as well if you're doing some streams !
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Time to share, time for features ! Just for the sake of art !
So below, in no particular, you'll found thirty works of Art, works that made me say :
"Wooh ! That's so great, more people need to see this !"

For sure it's based on my own tastes but with those various works I'm sure you'll find some pearls, so...
don't be a fool and look at it now ;)

Journey by haryarti
morag tong by TheMinttu That Damn Eskimo Noir by ScottPurdy
Stone lanterns by ApollinArt
Olmech -process- by 47ness
Petit Dejeuner by Diabolo-menthe Captain Kisya by Zoonoid
World's Edge by JohnoftheNorth
Stranger in a strange land - Re-visited by JJcanvas
 Sentinel by JenZee
Let's go find some candy by DeadSlug Pyromaque 02 by Ellana01
Rudis by armandeo64
Six Gun Snow White - The Fox and The Bear by Charlie-Bowater Overgrown Temples by JJcanvas
Creature by SaeedRamez
Frostgrave Enchanter by DevBurmak power and courage - the demon road - by deerlordhunter
Caecuraptor Redux by KatePfeilschiefter
comm: musings by littleulvar grumpy by JohanGrenier
The Beauty and the Beast by lehuss
Silhouette by Reza-ilyasa Geometric Vaporeon by BlackFalconWhiteWolf
Vekke's Tiger Princess by Rowkey
Crow queen by tahra Incubus by madnessdemon
Guardian of the Mountain by SiaKim

Oh dear, and my feature list has just diminished a little bit... :o
Take care of you watchers ! <3
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5 min read
Hey hey !

I'll have some time in the following weeks to answer all of your comments and feature some stuff my dears but for now I'm just here to quickly drop the info : I am reopening commissions for a little while, characters only this time.

So just look at the details and prices.... here :)

Commissions - Pricelist 2016 by LauraBevon

Let's make this Batch #3 focused on characters exists ! If you are interested per a slot or have any question about it in mind, feel free to contact me :)

Batch #3 - Slots

Bullet; Red SLOT 1BrossUno /// STATUS : DONE  Star! Star! Star!  
Bullet; Red SLOT 2 : Your lovely name
Bullet; Red SLOT 3 : Your supa name
Bullet; Red SLOT 4 : Your badass name
Bullet; Red SLOT 5 : Your even lovelier supa badass awesome name ;)




Batch #1 - Done

Commission #1 - Iris Dreia by LauraBevon  Commission #2 - Vhaidra by LauraBevon  Commission #3 - Ms Blue by LauraBevon  Commission #4 - Ivy by LauraBevon  Commission #5 - Poppy by LauraBevon

Batch #2 - Done

Commission #6 - KasugaTamaki by LauraBevon  Commission #7 - KasugaTamaki by LauraBevon  Commission #8 - Tattoo Design by LauraBevon  Preview - Sweet Memories by LauraBevon  Commission #10 - Formol Overdose by LauraBevon 

Lottery Special

[Fanart] Lagertha - Vikings by LauraBevon

Batch #3

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4 min read
Heya ! Another reappearance here after some months off, I've been struggling more than I thought with money making after moving out to Lyon, and started to get desperate when stuck in front of the
screen, making the same kind of things everydays. And as always it's in this very particular moments that your artistic self is tingling and screaming : "Heyyy ! Something's wrong here, your style has got to evolve. NOW !" Pressuring little brat... x)

Today my financial situation hasn't changed a lot, but I woke up last week telling myself I should stop lamenting inwardly like the "oh so tortured artist I am" and get back on track.. and with smile please ! :) So here I am, refreshed, updating all the medias and ready to send portfolios everywhere !

On the positive side however, I took the time to explore a little more in term of Art, participating to diverse challenges here and here, and even if the results don't satisfy me most of the time, I'm glad that I am slowly but surely making less "realistic" stuff. It strenghtens the idea that I took the right direction, which is kind of a relief for an artist like me who is interested in tons of different styles and even jobs (here you see the related problem between my mindset and finding jobs... ;)).

By the way I had a blast on the last fanart (Ganondorf from Zelda) I've done and it's the perfect example of my evolution and what I will tend to do more in the future. I learned that a simpler-looking style gives you more time to consider your lines, colors and to place your strokes, which is (at least for me) a funnier, and even smarter, way of working. I don't get lost in the details and end up bored and frustrated that way. 

[Fanart] Ganondorf (Zelda) by LauraBevon

So really, if some of you are struggling with realism, trying to follow the so-called norm that the current concept and commercial art industry is sharing everywhere, please consider it's not the only solution ;)


As many others I've opened an ArtStation and filled it yesterday, because it's truly a quality website to showcase your work. It's not that much community oriented so I'll mainly use it as a second portfolio.
Still, I'll be glad to see some of you joining me there, so if you have an account yourself feel free to drop the link in the comments (here or directly on AS) :)


Not especially new but for those who haven't seen the first video or don't follow me on Youtube, here are too others showing the same process : black and white rendering to colors.
Those vids were nice for a start and gave me the occasion to train with video making and recording. I'll consider making others when I've got some time in the future so if you have in mind something you'd like me to see covering or questions, let me know.
I also planned to get live on Twitch but, seeing my actual situation I had to delayed that a bit, but know.. that it will happen ! ;)

Bullet; Red  Last point, I had the pleasure seeing that I've got tons on new watchers when I came back here, so simply : WELCOME HERE and THANKS ! That means a lot :)
Take care of you and continue make great art guys ! :)
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It's Here : LauraBevon
It's about Art.
And it's free.
So what else ? ;)

Also, my very first video is online, starring this little guy below, and my working process !

[Vivere] Hydra Cult's Fisherman by LauraBevon

I hope this will help some of you !

And let me know if those kind of videos interest you, if you want to see more of them, if you would like to see me cover some other stuff and so on... :)
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