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Hello everybody !

I'm currently writing from the train which drives me to Paris, where I'm gonna spend four lazy days before coming back home, ready for a hectic summer. It also seems like the perfect moment for a basic "News-about-my-life" journal, isn't ? 
I hope I will be able to browse dA a bit in the coming weeks, I'll do what I can for that, but I might not answer fast to your comments, please be indulgent and know that I will read them all whatever happen :)

Bullet; Red Why so hectic you'll tell me ?

 Bullet; Black Well first, because I've two clients currently. So I will be working with Sara King - the sci-fi author - again, and try to bring to life some of her characters. This time it will be about scifi-ized werewolves, phoenix and the rest of the folklore, for her Alaskan Fire & Alaskan Fury books.

Remember I've already worked with her on another book, Wings of Retribution :

[MP] Howlen by LauraBevon  [MP] Dallas by LauraBevon  [MP] Dive Hard by LauraBevon
[MP] Taal by LauraBevon  [MP] Retribution by LauraBevon 

I hope to bring some art of equal quality this time :)

 Bullet; Black  I also got a new client, which is currently editing a french tabletop rpg called Insectopia and the topic is... I let you guess... insects ! Ugh, easy one. And you'll be able to play... insects ! Yeees !
Well with some human attributes for sure but the game is pretty awaited here, thanks to its originality, so it's a nice thing for me to work on it. 
I won't tell you much for now, I'm not yet a specialist about it and it will be cooler to let the pictures talk. ;)

 Bullet; Black  But even if all that is pretty good already, the thing for which I'm the most excited right now is...

Logo5 by LauraBevon  
Tada~~aaam !! (Am I not good with suspens ?! 8))

I will participate to this year Artcamp and take the Environment Concept Design online class, with Titus Lunter as a teacher. Check his awesome work, you curious : :icontituslunter: :)

Illustration doesn't fulfilI me totally those times and I really wanted to delve into concept art again, yet without knowing where to start... so it's the perfect occasion.
The well-known and talented :iconsuzanne-helmigh: will scream "Present!" too, same for tons of other guys I don't know yet but will hopefully meet and work with soon.

By the way, if any of you is interested by the course, it's here :

Bullet; Red Oh ! And also...

 Bullet; Black  I launched the new poll "What kind of artist do you want to be". I got this stupid question in one of those stupid FB test that nobody can resist to do despite its stupidity, and ended up stuck stupidly in front of it trying to find which of the answer was the good for me. Simpliest isn't the easiest. Now, your turn :p

 Bullet; Black  And I spent a whole afternoon, mostly day, cleaning my Watchlist (see related journal about the need to follow only really inspiring people) which was the right thing to do, really. Thanks to Nooknook and her great method, I now follow 180 people instead of more than 360, and 2days later, I already feel the difference. Releaaaaase.

So I leave you with a feature of random nice art I found during the cleaning :)
Take care and have a nice week guys !

Bionic girl by volkanyenen
05 and the plant by zazB Ysera, the Mercurial Priestess by Somnicide 
Dark side by gtako Red Street by Hideyoshi 
Junk Trader Backyard by eWKn 
Hellhound by dlincoln83 Rockabily by bib0un 
Clock by Denstarsk8 
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ThirdPersonSymphony Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Student General Artist
Good luck with everything! Phew! Some watcher cleaning is good for the soul! I am a member of too many groups, though. My notifications are a mess because of that! :noes:
LauraBevon Featured By Owner Edited Jun 29, 2015  Professional
I'm in many groups too, but I've just unwatched their deviations (Thanks dA for giving us the possibility to adjust this separately) and check the galleries a bit only when I'm submitting my own stuff.
Euskelo Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015   Digital Artist
Titus Lunter's gallery is magnificent! So dramatic and creative, and such a pleasure to browse through. Enjoy Paris! I am looking forward to seeing your new works (especially the insectoid stuff; that sounds really interesting).
LauraBevon Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Professional
Yes I'll have to be pretty creative with the insectoids, its not my primary interest but from a concept artist point of view it's cool :D
Euskelo Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015   Digital Artist
If anyone can make insect people look cool, it is you! X
LauraBevon Featured By Owner Edited Jul 2, 2015  Professional


No Preview

(Don't know how gif in comments work, but... that's the mood :D)
Euskelo Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015   Digital Artist
Aww. That is a great GIF! :heart:
Nooknook Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome ! Glad it helped ;) 
And thanks for the discover of all this artist and of the art camp. I'm looking into it now, it sounds awesome :)
LauraBevon Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Professional
Its great already, especially for the price (200€/12weeks). I'm eager to share some of the work I will be doing. This first week is pretty psycho-oriented, like getting in the good mindset and know why you are an artist :)
Nooknook Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope you will tell us about the experience of this learning camp ;)
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