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Ascension 30 - Snow White

By LauraBevon
Second part of the "Draw or Die" challenge : revisit Snow White...
Done ! Scifi version my dears. I wanted something really illustrative this time but lacked some time so it's not perfect but here it is :)
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Really awesome! LOVE your take on them, especially since it's a sci fi take on a fantasy story. I especially like the fact you didn't make the dwarfs just dwarfs but something else.
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Really late but thanks my dear ! I'm really not a fan of dwarfs in fantasy settings, never will you see me take that race in any videogames haha, so yes it had to be something else, even some kind of ku-klux dwarf xD
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Wow. Stunning work. Amazing interpretation ._.
I would love to play a videogame with your designs and style, that would be absolutely great.
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Late answer but thanks a lot Naay ! And god knows I'd love working on a game/IP ! One day ! :)
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Mecha-Snow White and the Seven ARGH what are THOSE? Wicked cool.
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Don't ask me, I don't know what they are neither do they :o
I don't know why but I wanted some ghibli feel in their design haha. It came out like some ku klux dwarf sect xD
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Ghibli on drugs, maybe. Drugs that do not agree with them. ;)
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