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Laura Larangeira
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello guys! My name is Laura, but people here can call me... well, Laura, but I'm alwaysopen to nicknames. I'm pretty much of a digital artist, but I also can post some of my traditional saketches or photos of my cat. I'm very into MLP, but I'm also in other fandoms that I don't usualy draw. I'm a big nerd, I know everything you can ask me about Science and pop culture. So, that's al I can say about myself, anything you want to know, feel free to talk to me, I don't usually bite. My first lenguage is portuguese, but I have a good english and a hell of a British accent, 'cause, well... Doctor Who. In Brazilian Netflix, there's only the subtitled version, so a great part of my English comes from that. I don't speak spanish, I speak "portunhol" (mixture of Portuguese and Spanish).
A small time ago, I also uncovered myself a actually good writer, but I'm still too insecure to write in english. However, if you speak portuguese, you can check out my fanfiction on Spirit (when I'm writing this, I only ave, like, one story, but when you're reading, there might have more):….
Well, here's where the things get more serious: when I was younger, I didn't feel good at anything. My grades were pretty mediocre at school, and I coudn't do anything right because I was always thinking "I will fail". And this make me get depressed when I was only a child. I felt that everything that I did was wrong. So, I chose to don't do anything. I was just interested in watch TV and stay on internet for hours in a day. I was a very quiet girl, insecure about my skills and my appearence. I didn't like anything about myself. Then, one of this entire days I used to spend in internet, I found some bases and started to draw on them. I became very good at that, and slowly, I started to be moreadventurous and drawing without bases. I uncovered myself very good at drawing. But my logic was strange. "If I found out the only thing in this fucking world that I'm good at, so this is the only thing I'll do". I spent my entire days dawing, and drawing, and drawing. I did'ny do anything else. I was literaly an art factory. I dindn't wanted to study, I didn't wanted to do anything else. Just. Keep. Drawing. Then the results started to appear: my grades fell, my friends distanced to me, my parents were mad at me and I did'nt care. Because, drawing was the only important thing in my life. So, the time passed and I got a life, I got friends and everything. One of my best friends helped me to get over this (even if she didn't know that time, and still having no idea), and tah dah! Here we are now. Wow, I opened myself more now than for anyone in years.

Some things you should konow about my art and characters:

- I draw for myself. Comissions and requests are closed, but I may think about na art trade, note me if interested.
- I really like to create universes, stories and all that stuff. All my stories are a little bit inspired by other stories, so please don't say "Oh! It looks like that movie" or "Oh! It reminds me of fulano's story".
- Don't ask to co-own one of my chaacters. The answer will be no.
- Always open for collabs! Just ask me.
- I would say that my human art style is getting comic-ish, and that's what I personally like. My MLP style is pretty unlike the show, but I can't say what kind of style is that.


Nastya Zhidkova
Did this drawing some time ago, as you can see in my signature. I was a little obsessed wit this model...
More of a differen coloring style attempt. Trying to get into a new style.
Blank test:
Character tested:

[  ] Is it your real name? (+5)
[  ] Is it your real nickname?(+3)
[  ] Is it a human name at all? (+2) 
[ x ] Does it have to do with their cutie mark? (-2)

So Far: -2

[  ] Does it have a canon character's mane? (+2)
[  ] Is it Rainbow Dash's? (+4)
[ 2 ] How many colors does its mane have? (+2 for each color past 1)
[  ] Does it sparkle or glitter? (+5)
[  ] Unicorn? (+3)
[ x ] Pegasus? (+2)
[  ] Earth Pony? (-1)
[  ] Alicorn? (+10)
[  ] Does it's base coat have more than 1 color? (+4 for each extra color, a gradient counts as 1 extra)
[  ] Are its eyes deeply moving to other characters? (+3)
[ x ] Are they purple? (+2)
[  ] Are they described in thought out metaphors such as "The fiery red of deep passion" (+3)
[  ] Are they known throughout Equestria for their beauty? (+2)
[  ] Are they male? (+1)
[ x ] Is their occupation something other than scout, guard, or carriage puller? (+1) {If undercover agent counts, yes.]

So Far: 3

Cutie Mark
[  ] Does it ever change? (+10)
[ x ] Do they have more than 1 special talent? (+4)
[  ] Does it cover the entire flank? Ex: Luna's (+2)
[  ] Is it something lame and not very impressive? Ex: cleaning windows (-3)
[  ] Is it something totally amazing that nopony else can do? (+2)
[ x ] Are they the best at what they do? (+5)
[  ] Is it similar/same in appearance as one of the main characters? (+3)

So Far: 12

[ x ] Are they in a romantic relationship? (+3)
[  ] More than one? (+3)
[  ] With a canon character? (+4)
[  ] With Luna or Celestia? (+8)
[  ] With any of the Mane 6? (+4)
[  ] Are your character and a main character friends? (+1)
[  ] Is it one of the mane 6? (+2)
[  ] Are your character and the Mane 6 pony better friends than she is with the rest of the mane 6? (+2)
[  ] Are they related to a well known/canon/main character? (+5)
[  ] Is it royalty? (+3)

So Far: 15

[  ] Do they seem to have the same personality as one of the Mane 6? (+2)
[  ] Is it Rainbow Dash? (+1)
[  ] Are they extremely nice, and never really do anything wrong? (+3)
[  ] They are loved by everypony? (+5)
[  ] Except one? (+2)
[  ] Are they hated by everypony? (+5)
[  ] Except one? (+1)
[ x ] Do they have a serious personality flaw that hinders them significantly? (-6)


0-8 Your character is kind of boring, spice it up a little!
9-12 Well balanced!
12-18 This is good for canon characters, but is really stretching it for an OC
19+ you might have to start over, your character seems to be a little too perfect to be credible.



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I'ts a really awelsome work, but the drawing style looks like so much the canon style, what's good, but not really. It shows that you'r...


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