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Very poetic, like from a fairytale book. Beautiful!
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WOOOW! I'm in love!
suggested title: Reds In Peace
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this is one of the best photos i ever seen 
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Wow!  Here's a picture that IS worth a thousand words, lol.  Happy Clap Cutie Emote 
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beautiful photograph, love the lighting and the composition of the piece.

And for those of you wondering about the fox, more then likely, that is not a wild animal, rather it is probably either a domesticated or a tamed fox being kept as a pet.
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I believe a lot of the animals are taxidermy. The animals in other images keep the same pose.
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That very much is a possibility as well, much easier to pose a taxidermy animal
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Hiya, you probably won't reply, but I was wondering if I could use this picture as a reference I'd like to try for watercolour class. We have to ask permission to use the image(s) and I really love this photo, and it'd be amazing if I could use it. Thanks for reading, and please keep the photography coming ^-^
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"Je puis t'emmener plus loin qu'un navire"... (Sorry I don't know how they translated it exactly in english)
The three characters are just PERFECT ! Wow !
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outstanding work!
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Kocham Twoją sztukę, jest przytłaczająca i piękna....
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Never saw an artwork like this. 
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amazing, i love the fox so cute and soft
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How did you do this?!
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Many of the animals are taxidermy. I believe this one also is.
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What? How she embrace the fox?)
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Yes! Is that a living fox?
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Seems like alive. I think it is sleeping/has been slept temporary.
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Impressive to be so close with a wild animal.
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This is too amazing!
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