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Lana del Ray's Once Upon a Dream is stuck in my head, so I needed to paint Maleficent and get it out of my system. This was my weekend project / digital painting practice.

Photoshop CS6 and lots of time hunched over my Cintiq

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Absolutely gorgeous!
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Amazing! Love the collors you used there
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Impressive, in fact it is brilliant!
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Wow that's a really cool color pallet the orange and yellow shades surprisingly mix well with the deep blues and purples around Maleficent.
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Is it possible to get prints that are not on canvas? I only see option for canvas prints and framed prints. Both outside of my price range sadly :/
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What a coincidence, I'm listening to it right now! This piece is gorgeous. Literally (i'm not lying) one of the BEST I've seen. Love it
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This pieace of art is great, it shows her anger and evil ! Can you see mine ?… keep the great work !
Twilight-Lover-95's avatar
girl im obsessed with the song as well!
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the way lana sings it is so haunting isn't it? Its stuck in my head too. Beautiful painting, maleficent is my favorite evil vilain from disney...she is awesome.
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Pretty nice!!!

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Really amazing o.o I love it. If one day possible, Id like to buy it on a big canvas and hang it :D Really truely amazing, great job Laura :3
Laura-Ferreira's avatar
Thank you! I will have it available on my print site shortly
TracyIsaWolfie's avatar
Youre very welcome, and okay :D
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Awesome work! :clap:
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Like it, been waiting for a while for this movie to release.
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Digital painting?!?!!!??!?!?!!!?!!! I think maybe I should stop bashing digital art. This is incredible, I thought it was oil on canvas. Marvelous, this piece is absolutely beautiful and you capture Maleficent's malevolence (no pun intended) perfectly.

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This only only took a weekend? Very well done!
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Whoa! O.O
I love it!(and the song ) i cant stop listening to it haha

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Great colors and energy!
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