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I want to be a professional Artist/Designer.
So i thought i could start offering commissioned work here.
BUT i havent done really much comissioned work and so i lack of material that i could show as exapmles of my abillity on that field.

Therefore I decided to offer now a handfull of
I offer the following kinds of works:

1x  pencil sketch of your chosen figure [The Figure has not per se to be a human figure, it could also be a creature, a vehicle or some pice of architecture]

[slot closed] 1x  pencil sketch of  your chosen figure with some background detail (not a full scenery, just some propworks to further characterise the figure)

1x  lineart/ink drawing of some figure

[slot closed]1x  lineart/ink drawing with background detail

[slot closed]1x  coloured lineart with background detail

It is necsesary that you give me a good description of what you want, so that i know as close as possible what you have in mind.. I hope you are okay with the fact that i like to give it a touch of my own artistic personality, if not tell me.  I will try to do my best to make a good Picture for you.

the first gets the slot.
i already wonder what you will order.  And i hope it wil be a fun experience for me.

so go for it ^^

Propellerhead and bunnys, monkys also

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 28, 2013, 11:49 AM

Today i want to make sure that someone gets the attention he deserves.

his  username is Thanathan :iconthanathan: and he is a cool and superfunny comic artist.
Man, i really whish i could make comics of such exquisite humourous flavour.
But, see his works yourself.

He has, by the way,  an own webcomic page ThatYouTotallyShouldVisit [or: TYTSV, if you dont like long words ^^]. you can find it here…

now, see some art by :iconthanathan:^^

Chapter 1 by Thanathan Chapter 2 by Thanathan Elephants don't actually smoke. by Thanathan Agent Adam Able by Thanathan
Treecomics by Thanathan The White Magician with a taste for HEAVY METAL by Thanathan Toilet by Thanathan Rythm of the Heat by Thanathan Lengthened Girls by Thanathan
Daydream 16 by Thanathan Daydream 2 by Thanathan Daydream 6 by Thanathan Daydream 12 by Thanathan

For all the inspiration...

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 5, 2013, 12:08 PM

... and support and friendship and what not else, I want to thank :iconfarawayforest:

He is able to share ideas , which is something that Deviant Art may be about, but is not easyly done by the most people here.  Most may pressent their ideas. but the same time want them to be their ideas and no one elses. Which is totally understandable and okay, but not that much of an inspiration though ^^

Okay,  :iconfarawayforest: is a great artist and story teller, and you totally should look for his gallery ^^
Here are some impressions:

Magladon, Aquatic by farawayforest Land of Relics by farawayforest Son of Satan-Daughter of Eve by farawayforest

Mature Content

Pleasure Dolls by farawayforest
Avalar The Loveliest Lich by farawayforest The Scalamoosh by farawayforest

Thank You :]

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 25, 2012, 9:39 AM

I want to say thank you to all the people out there on DeviantArt
for the support, helpfull critic, inspiration, colabs, and Art apreciation.

Especially i want to thank :iconzage56: for giving me this cool 4 months premium mebership.
Iam honoured to be this way somehow "awarded" by him, because he is a cool skilled artist, and this really means  something to me.

you should go and watch some of his beautyfull drawings.

Whos out there? by Zage56 Ancient Alien Ruins by Zage56 Air Coastal Explorers by Zage56 First Interstellar Orphanage by Zage56 Kyle's Dragon by Zage56 Binary Suns set by Zage56