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side by side we grow
Plot Summary:

Moonkit always had a penchant for sitting on her littermate Fogkit. He just never thought much of it until now.

    Fogkit only realizes that his sister is sitting on him the first time when she unceremoniously dumps herself on his back, a severed lizard tail dangling from her mouth.
    Realizes is probably not the best word. Jolts awake with a loud yelp describes it better.
    “Hey!” Fogkit snaps, wriggling and twisting. No use. Even though she’s barely a few minutes older than him, Moonkit is heavier and larger, and Fogkit can’t get out.
    Moonkit only gives him a smirk and goes back to gnawing contentedly on her meal. In the afternoon light, the dull scales glitter temptingly. Fogkit hmphs.     One moon old and she’s eating solid food. He wants a lizard tail too. He wants to be bigger. He wants to sit on Moonkit.
:iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 2 1
rip Killion's face [SA SECRET SANTA] by Laughter-of-Thunder rip Killion's face [SA SECRET SANTA] :iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 6 1 can't believe I forgot the first two months by Laughter-of-Thunder can't believe I forgot the first two months :iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 2 1 Fogkit App Art 2.0 by Laughter-of-Thunder Fogkit App Art 2.0 :iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 5 1
Mature content
blink ch. 4 :iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 0 0
Mature content
blink ch. 3 :iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 0 0
Mature content
blink ch. 2 :iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 0 0
Mature content
blink chapter 1 :iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 0 0
Sometimes it feels as if you are drowning.
Not literally, of course. You don’t get nearly enough rain in your area for that. And you don’t go swimming except in the summer because the only pool you have access to is never heated in the winter, and that means unless you want to cryogenically preserve yourself you have to stay out.
But whenever you’re sitting on the bus, staring out the window, or making another long walk to your class (the Algebra classroom on the second floor in the D Hall is so far from R21 in the portables, why is it so far, it’s just tiring to walk that far)- you feel as if you are drowning.
You have the same clenched feeling in your chest, the same type your lungs make when you’re running out of air.
You have the same feeling of panic. Of being unsure if you’ll get out in time, and take that cleansing breath that will allow you to live.
It takes three minutes for a human to begin to drown. Any longer than that and you either pass
:iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 3 0
Her name was Mipha.
Champion Mipha of the Zora. Pilot of Divine Beast Vah Ruta.
But I expect you already knew that. The Zora remember her the most, what with their lifespans of 500 years or more.
She's the most remembered out of the five champions. Even more than me. The Hero of Hyrule.
Some hero I was, when I couldn't even save the princess. Let alone her.
In the beginning I didn't remember her.
But now I do.
How could I not, when I finally looked closely enough at her statue?
Her memorial statue, that the Zora put in the center of their Domain as a memory of their princess, their Champion, their greatest and most skilled healer.
It was a perfect likeness.
And I recognized her.
I remembered her gentle smile, her warm topaz eyes, and the fluidity with which some moved.
She didn't laugh often, but when she did… Goddess, I could get drunk on that laugh alone.
The Zora tell me she meant to give me that armor, the blue scale armor I have now, as a marriage propo
:iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 6 3
a mother's love
I cry out, a horrible scream.
The light- I must destroy the light, before it takes another child!
If my child passes- if my last child passes-
I am the last. There will be no more. My kind is gone.
They- they deserve to live, untouched by light!
I am blinded by the fire, and I miss the light, barely. The spirit and their light once again escape my talons.
No- there they are!
I screech once again. Red edges my vision. I dive towards them, and I may finally end this suffering-
I stop, beating my massive wings.
Gone. They are gone- no, they have returned! There the light is, along with their little spirit-
I have to stop myself to avoid crashing into the tree. They are gone again.
I cannot see, and I cannot let myself burn in this fire only to kill them. I must finish my task, but I need to live.
There will be no mother for my egg if I die.
The spirit enters a tree- and does not come out the other side.
I pause. No, no, no no no! I cannot lose them! Where are they?
Squinting, I beat m
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like I know my own mind
December 2018
Less and less prey is available, due to the colder months, and the medicine cats lack enough herbs to keep cats healthy. Kit and Elders are most susceptible to disease... How does your cat provide for their respective Clans?
 – For GeyserClan, the Clan seems to have been cursed with an inability to sleep. At night, cats are visited by surging nightmares, and some cats have decided to avoid sleeping altogether. Due to this, hunting grows more difficult, so prey is far more scarce that in normal winters. How does your cat react to these tormenting night terrors?
Batkit can’t sleep.
The nursery is warm and comfortable. Papa made sure to get fresh bedding. Morningkit brought in a rabbit and the three of them shared it until they were full and the rabbit was nothing but bones.
Still Batkit sees things when he closes his eyes. He sees Morningkit drowning, he sees her vengeful spirit haunting him at every turn.
:iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 2 2
winter is coming by Laughter-of-Thunder winter is coming :iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 2 0
Small Rebellions
November 2018
Quote from Monthly Prompts v2

There are strange scents found throughout the territory, but no cat can identify what they belong to or where they came from... Cats from all of the Clans have discovered prey-animals littered about the territories, with their throats slit but are not consumed.
For WaveClan, Rosetide seems to slip deeper and deeper into irritability. She is more prone to punishing the tomcats of the Clan and is far more strict with her laws. Whenever someone questions her well-being, she clams up and dismisses them coldly. How does your cat react to this? Are they concerned and obedient, even if they feel her actions are not justified, or are they indignant about the whole affair?

All three words could be used to describe Rosetide.
But that wasn’t what worried Fi
:iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 2 2
clouds on the horizon by Laughter-of-Thunder clouds on the horizon :iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 6 4 it was actually really pretty in person by Laughter-of-Thunder it was actually really pretty in person :iconlaughter-of-thunder:Laughter-of-Thunder 0 0

Random Favourites

Princess Mipha by sireltoytel Princess Mipha :iconsireltoytel:sireltoytel 21 0 Zelda: Breath of the Wild by Clivenzu Zelda: Breath of the Wild :iconclivenzu:Clivenzu 428 19 Undiscovered World by ryky Undiscovered World :iconryky:ryky 2,181 27 Maleficent by TsaoShin Maleficent :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 1,710 101 Despair by larienne Despair :iconlarienne:larienne 1,925 69 Tidal by therealkwincie Tidal :icontherealkwincie:therealkwincie 83 23 Senpai Savanah / My First DA Tutorial: Good OCs by Thisisasupersecret Senpai Savanah / My First DA Tutorial: Good OCs :iconthisisasupersecret:Thisisasupersecret 11 201 Six Of Crows by AnythingPrince Six Of Crows :iconanythingprince:AnythingPrince 43 5 The Heartrender - Six of Crows by OffbeatWorlds The Heartrender - Six of Crows :iconoffbeatworlds:OffbeatWorlds 80 0 Six of Crows: Nina and Matthias by nilaffle Six of Crows: Nina and Matthias :iconnilaffle:nilaffle 129 5 Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows) by BoffieXD Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows) :iconboffiexd:BoffieXD 171 5 My home is destroyed. (Prints available!) by KhaliaArt My home is destroyed. (Prints available!) :iconkhaliaart:KhaliaArt 3,541 201 Brown dwarf by JustV23 Brown dwarf :iconjustv23:JustV23 6,010 203 hour of twilight by breath-art hour of twilight :iconbreath-art:breath-art 3,257 84 Fire tutorial - EASY by ryky Fire tutorial - EASY :iconryky:ryky 10,174 233


Oh my goodness, I love this! It's just... the shading makes it so realistic and I honestly can not find anything wrong with the design....



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Laughter-of-Thunder's Profile Picture
Cay Valentic
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
It's nice to meet you, I'm Cay! I'm a writer and an artist who tends to write more on AO3 than on DeviantArt and I love Legend of Zelda, ACOTAR, Throne of Glass, and my warriors RP groups! (But not the books. The books suck.)

I'm only an art student and my style is inconsistent as FUCK so don't expect miracles, but I try my hardest and I hope to the gods that it's enough. Thank you for your patience!

All pronouns. She/Her used most often. Two-spirit, pan-demiromantic asexual. Three ounces of whoop-ass.

Go ahead and talk to me! I'll listen!

MY AO3:…


Plot Summary:
Moonkit always had a penchant for sitting on her littermate Fogkit. He just never thought much of it until now.

    Fogkit only realizes that his sister is sitting on him the first time when she unceremoniously dumps herself on his back, a severed lizard tail dangling from her mouth.
    Realizes is probably not the best word. Jolts awake with a loud yelp describes it better.
    “Hey!” Fogkit snaps, wriggling and twisting. No use. Even though she’s barely a few minutes older than him, Moonkit is heavier and larger, and Fogkit can’t get out.
    Moonkit only gives him a smirk and goes back to gnawing contentedly on her meal. In the afternoon light, the dull scales glitter temptingly. Fogkit hmphs.     One moon old and she’s eating solid food. He wants a lizard tail too. He wants to be bigger. He wants to sit on Moonkit.
    He’d say he’s not jealous, but he’s absolutely jealous. He reaches out a paw to bat it out of his sister’s mouth.
    It lands with a plop on the dusty campground, Moonkit yelping and staring at it in dismay.
    “My tail!” she mewls, eyeing what was once her trophy with a forlorn look. “You’ll pay!” Fogkit twists and hisses in a quiet complaint as Moonkit starts chewing on his ear.
    “Moonkit, please don’t hurt your brother!” Mama calls from where she sits with Sparkkit.
    “It’s okay,” Fogkit admits, squirming to no avail. Moonkit’s teeth don’t actually hurt. “You’ve had your fun,” he complains, “can you please stop defeating me now?” It’s not warriorlike to be crushed by a kit, much less when that kit is your own sister. “The warrior’s supposed to beat the monster, not get squashed by it!”
    Moonkit twists, eyes shining. “But I don’t want to be a monster. I want to be a warrior too, Fogkit!” She flops off him and picks up the tail, dust and betrayal forgotten. “This is my prize,” she declares. “I’m guarding as a warrior!
    Fogkit jumps up, grudge forgotten. “Okay! I’ll be the invader!” he cries, grinning innocently.
    Moonkit runs away at that, and Fogkit chases.
    For now he’ll forgive her for the grave offense of sitting.
(Until she sits on him five minutes later while he loses the play-fight, that is.)

    The Gathering. Fogfin weaves through the crowd. It's not important, whatever the leaders are saying. What's important now is finding his sisters.
    He spots Lilyfin instantly, distant and strange as ever. Moonfin is harder, but he sees her meowing with bright eyes to a cat whose name vaguely comes to the front of his mind. Fogfin internally groans. A WaveClan cat trying to convert his sister to the matriarchy, by making BasaltClan seem worse than it is.
    If she wants to leave, she can leave, but Fogfin refuses to let her leave on biased evidence.
    "Are you sure Fogfin would be okay with you choosing your own mate?” the she-cat purrs. False sweetness and triumph; the conversation is already mainly over. “He would get a say, right?"
    Moonfin laughs just before Fogfin is about to interject that no, he does not have a say and why would you think that. "Oh, I'll be fine!" she giggles nonchalantly. "Fogfin's putty in my claws."
    Crisis averted; Moonfin can handle herself. Then Fogfin freezes. He knows his sister. He knows what she'll do.
    "Hey, Fogfin!" He's too late, keen eyes have already trained on his distinctive grey fur.
    Too many times, it’s happened like this.
    Fogfin runs, he has to get away, but Moonfin's already leaping after him-
    She lands onto him easily, paws first, and he lets out an oomph as the wind is knocked out of his lungs.
    "Must you do this every time?" he asks as Moonfin kneads his back. It's already futile to struggle against his sister somehow looking regal and queenlike while he remains pinned like a confused squirrel. "I would have been fine with you taking a mate."
    She turns around in a circle, steps one, two, three times, and sits down. "No," she says, and blinks at him innocently while Jaggedblaze, who had come to the same conclusion of defending Moonfin, bursts out laughing. "But I think it's fun anyways."
    Fogfin rolls his eyes. “You do this every day.
    “Not day,” reminds Moonfin. “Week. But I can do it every day if you want me to.”
    Fogfin sighs, yawns, and attempts to make himself comfortable. His sister isn't getting up anytime soon.

    "Ha! That'll teach him. Did you see his face when he found that thorn?" Moonflight prances delightedly into the den, acting out faces. “Ugh, that mousebrain. He looked like he was about to murder someone!”
    Fogwatcher laughs. "That was the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life. You planned that perfectly."
    Moonflight stiffens for a moment then, the realization sinking in. “I know he’ll know it’s you, but you can’t make a nest like that, what if he-”
    Fogwatcher calms her down with what he hopes is an easygoing grin. "Relax. We've had a rivalry for moons. I'll take the blame for the thorn if he tells. Although I doubt it. That mousebrain needed a taste of his own medicine!"
    Moonflight rolls her eyes and smiles. "My little brother, worried about whether I'll get in trouble."
    "I'm your littermate," Fogwatcher reminds her with a smirk, brushing off his sister's hypocrisy. "I'm not that much littler than you are." He trips and crashes into the cavern wall while Moonflight laughs. He hadn't even realized she'd been pushing him slowly to the side of the tunnel.
    "Maybe so," she giggles, "but clearly I grew into it with grace. You're just an awkward gull-brain." She circles around to meet Fogwatcher's gaze with bright blue eyes, giving him space to gather his composure. "So what is it you wanted to tell me?"
    He blanches- he'd forgotten that's why he called her. Nervousness- how will his sister feel about what he’s going to say?.
    "I- um-"
    She sighs. "C'mon," she chides, interrupting his stuttering. and he loses his embarrassment. This is, after all, Moonflight he’s facing, and Moonflight has walked alongside him every step of the way.
    "Dovefeather's pregnant," he blurts. “We guessed, but Venomleaf confirmed it today.”
    His sister's mouth drops open. "Fogwatcher! That's great!" she purrs.
    He smiles. They’d both wanted a family for so long. "Yeah. Yeah, it is."
    A thought comes over her, and Moonflight points her tail at Fogwatcher with her most menacing glare- which isn’t all that menacing. "You'd better name one of those kits after me."
    He already knows he will, but he nonchalantly shrugs anyways. "And what if I don't? Who would want to name a kit after your ugly face?"
    Moonflight gasps in disgust. "Hey, filthy mutt, I wouldn't be worried about me sullying your kits.”
    Fogwatcher feigns insult. “You wound me, dear sister,” he teases, “how dare such a mangy rat like thou call me such a name?”
    “This rat, cherished brother,” she laughs, “could always sit on you to put you in line!"
    It's been moons since she's needed to, but Fogwatcher takes a step back, a familiar kitlike grin pinned on his face. Moonflight never got over her urge to sit on him, did she? "You could!" he chuckles, because he couldn't imagine her not. Fogwatcher turns and meets Moonflight’s eyes.
    The grin slips off his face, and he swallows hard.
    She may have been able to sit on him when they were apprentices. But not anymore.
    "-I think I'm bigger than you now."
    Moonflight rolls her eyes and scoffs. She crouches down (a perfect hunting stance, should he be proud?) and leaps, landing easily on his back.
    She plonks down, and he suddenly realizes that he can stand up. He can walk.
    All while dwarfing his sister who sits teetering on top. And now he is the one who looks proud and strong while Moonflight balances perfectly, looking more like a wayward kit than a smart, established queen.
    They’ve both grown. But he never realized just how much until this very moment.
    She flicks him on the ear with her long tail and smiles, waiting patiently for him to give her a shaky one in return. "No kidding."

side by side we grow
Word Count: 1,373

A little idea I've been drafting for a while. It's NOT fully canon (Fogfin, Moonfin, and Dovefin aren't warriors/queens yet, and Dovefin is certainly NOT pregnant, she and Fogfin aren't even official mates.)

Please don't mind the spacing! Writer hates me and won't input it correctly.

Fogfin belongs to Laughter-of-Thunder (me!)
Moonfin belongs to SunnyD5
Dovefin (mentioned) and Jaggedblaze (mentioned) belong to Mintz2520
Tumblestream (mentioned) belongs to 0rganized--Chaos
rip Killion's face [SA SECRET SANTA]

HI Paper-Plate I WAS YOUR SECRET SANTA ALTHOUGH I THINK YOU KNEW THAT (seeing as you were literally the one to send the message to me)

There was too much art of the others (Rah and Tal), so I decided to make some of this poor boi. He needs love, even if he IS a murderbaby. His outfit is heavily based off of the outfit in Sheikah Sickness- Killion and the outfit in Stray Fairies in Skulltula Forest. Actually, it's basically a combination of the two. Paper I love you but there's like nothing for Killion in winter gear so I had to steal haha

Killion belongs to :iconpaper-plate:
can't believe I forgot the first two months
Another year is ending. Guess that means it's TIME FOR A SUMMARY OF ART! I've never actually done this before, and I used this template by DustBunnyThumper! I'm so sorry for mentioning you (and giving you an unnecessary notification), but I feel that there should be a link to your page.

January and February: These months were the beginning of my DeviantArt, sort of. I've been on DeviantArt since March 2017, but I didn't really start being active until September 2017. That was when I started going to an art school and when I started really using that tablet I'd gotten. My art started out shitty, and I didn't post much of it. What I did post, no one saw, and frankly I don't blame them. It truly did suck. I started practicing without posting, and I guess these months were my practice time to try and improve and make sure the lovely TRT didn't kick me out for inactivity.
March: March was when I started to improve. Those art classes were really starting to kick in, and although I didn't post much, my stuff was definitely getting better. Although I was totally into Warriors, which was kind of a character flaw.
April: April was eh. I didn't do too much. By then I had kind of lost interest in the Warriors books, but the system still fascinated me. That's probably why I stayed in TRT for so long (I'm still there!)
May: May was when I joined ARTFIGHT. Although by the time it rolled around in July I found I had far less motivation, ArtFight gave me a big boost. Although not all of them are posted to DeviantArt, I must have drawn ages worth of others' characters in preparation for the big event. My art style improved DRAMATICALLY. Practice makes perfect really was true.
June: I was still into ArtFight. But I was losing interest fast.
July: TRT mode was back into full swing. With the TRT Picture Swap, I drew Viperstrike and was delighted with the result, which motivated me to do more art. This is also around the time that my little brother got Breath of the Wild. Although neither of us were Legend of Zelda fans (we had exactly zero of the games), and my brother clearly wasn't the greatest at the game, Breath of the Wild drew me in and I nearly beat the game in this month alone. Through watching walkthroughs, reading wikis, and borrowing games from friends, the world of Zelda drew me in and I was definitely a goner. Because my idiot mind needs to have a roleplay group for every fandom (save for ACOTAR, in which there WERE no roleplay groups,) I joined Skyloft-Academy and was delighted with the community. They definitely helped to motivate me to draw a lot of SA art in that month. I'm still active there today!
August: Through all the positivity, motivation, and steady line of improvement, you'd think that nothing could stop me now. Well, nothing but a singular obstacle in my way: School. The new term started up and although I wanted to draw, I simply could not, leaving my only drawing as little comic-style things.
September: September I was attempting to find a balance between schoolwork and artwork. Suffice to say, it did not work out.
October: With Halloween approaching, school was dying down and I was able to submit a couple of SA quests to DeviantART. I also tried Inktober. It didn't work.
November: I loved November. I got so much done it wasn't even funny.
December: Finals month. I only managed to get around two drawings done- the SA secret santa and Fogkit's new application. The Secret Santa is not posted as of today, 12/20/18, seeing as the deadline is in five days.
Fogkit App Art 2.0
This was on Fogkit's new application! I've improved, dontcha think?

No shading. I think it should be 10 orange shells for one fullbody?

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This content is intended for mature audiences.

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    The moment he entered the room, Aelin blinked at him from where she kneeled, chained to the pedestal.

    One. Two. Three. Are you alright?

    That was their new routine. One asked the question. The other answered. Switch roles. Repeat until the day’s… exercise, for lack of a better word, began. Sometimes they lied, sometimes they didn’t. But it didn’t matter, because they both knew that no matter what happened, whether they lied and said yes or whether Lady Luck shone upon them that day and they were able to sleep, the underlying answer that hung over both their heads would always be no. There was never anything that was able to overcome the fact that they were both in a gilded, golden prison that held in both their screams. Silent or otherwise.

    They asked anyways. Neither of them had anything better to do.

    Aelin asked again, silently, pleadingly. Are. You. Alright. Fenrys hadn’t even realized he was lost in thought. But Aelin had seen.


    He didn’t feel like lying today.

    Are you?

    Aelin hesitated. No.

    It looked like neither did she.

    He stared her down, doing his best not to falter. She stared him back, and a ghost of a wry smile crossed her face. So this is how we’re playing today, is it?

    A slight shrug from him. I suppose so. Fenrys focused on her eyes, despite how much it hurt to see how dead they were. She grimaced, as if realizing how she looked, how both of them looked, but she glared back.

    That was how they remained, each anchored to this world by the sheer will of the other, until Cairn finally entered the room.  


    He knew she was tired. He knew that she needed at least a few days of rest. He knew from the way she shook and cried out before the small blade had even seen the light of day.

    And still he could do nothing. Could only stand there and growl, as tall as possible, and refuse to lie down and be cowed. And Cairn would never try it on him, anyway.

    (He did once, but not only did Fenrys refuse to scream, Maeve was furious that he was cut at all. Cairn stuck to Aelin after that.)

    Aelin’s voice had already grown hoarse- she truly was tired, if she couldn’t muster up the energy to scream, only to writhe.

    The clearing was quieter. Fenrys didn’t know if that was better or worse.

    Aelin turned her head, and her eyes landed on him.

    What could he say, what could he do-

    There were a hundred things he wanted to do. He wanted to take a cannon and raze Doranelle to the ground. (It had been home, once, but never again. Not anymore.) He wanted to shift back and run and punch that bastard into the wall. And then leave him alive only because it was Rowan’s job to exact revenge.

    But in the end, there was only one thing he had left.

    He blinked four times.

    She went still.

    They would speak of this later. They would decide on what exactly it meant.

    But for now Fenrys kept blinking. One. Two. Three. Four. Wait. Repeat.

    Because it calmed Aelin, and it seemed to dull the pain, if only a little. Because as long as Aelin kept his eyes on him, she kept breathing.

    Small comforts, he supposed, were better than none.


    They’d healed her, but it had taken much longer than usual. Perhaps because Aelin fought to stay awake for half of it, and perhaps because she was clearly fighting to wake up for the other half.

    And the moment they disappeared, she succeeded, and snapped her eyes open.

    He’d laid down for the entire healing, but he jumped up now. What was she doing, she needed every bit of sleep she could get-

    Fenrys froze when she said the first word. “Are-” She coughed. Too much screaming. Too little water. “-you-” She took a deep breath. “here?”

    Are you alright?

    She shook her head; she wanted him to answer the question. Of course she would want to know whether he was real.

    He didn’t hesitate. Yes. Absolutely, yes.

    “With-” She cried out at the word.

    Stop speaking! Can’t you see it’s hurting you?


    Yes. Four blinks. I am here, I am with you.

    “Even- after?”

    She let the question linger in the air. Neither of them dared say (or blink) a word.

    By the time he’d sorted out his thoughts and gathered the strength to respond, she was already gone.

blink ch. 4
One for yes. Two for no. Three for "Are you alright?" Four for "I am here, I am with you." Five for "This is real, you are awake." Six for "Liar.

Previous: blink ch. 3


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