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Love ME by johnjoseco Love ME :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 1,710 327 Brown Deer by Shockley23 Brown Deer :iconshockley23:Shockley23 5 4
Man Ban TG - Part 1
Man Ban – Part 1
I woke to the echoes of computerized gunfire carrying from the living room to my bedroom. I leaned my head up from the pillow and groaned. The ear plugs were on the dresser but putting them in meant I might not be able to hear the alarm clock.
I understood the consequences of a night job at an animation studio but I also figured I'd made it clear to my roommate, Leon, to wear headphones when playing something loud. Burying my head into the pillow did nothing to help. Playing some music just as loud back would only make things worse. So, begrudgingly, I staggered my way over to the lamp and flicked it on. I could see the time on the clock by my bed.
I blinked at the black-out curtains on the window and cracked my neck before shuffling to my feet. The sunlight spilling in from the hallway made everything torturingly bright. Brushing some of my shaggy, blond hair out of my eyes, I peered at the living room, where I could see Leon camped out with open bags of c
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Man Ban TG - Part 2
Man Ban – Part 2
The buzzing of the alarm clock brought a return to consciousness and a fluttering of hope, though it only lasted as long as it took to shift my legs around my featureless groin. Screaming soon followed with Leon pushing open my door. My fear and terror hardened to a point and I blasted from the covers to throttle Leon. I screamed to his wide eyes, "You FUCKING ASSHOLE!" Slamming him into the hallway felt good. I raged, "FOR A DAMN GAME! YOU DID THIS! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!"
Leon leaned back and said, "Shel…I have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe you had a nightmare. So come on…just calm down. Don't go ape-shit on me!" My fingers loosened around Leon and I eased off him. I questioned him on recent events and, according to Leon, we did have a disagreement about the sound level but Leon turned it down a bit so I could sleep. If only that could've been how things really were. Asking with narrowed eyes, I posed the question to him, "What ge
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 68 69
Man Ban TG - Part 3
Man Ban – Part 3
The sleep felt longer than I expected. My eyes fluttered open to the full morning. Warm, clinging hair past my shoulders was the first conscious sign anything was different. I puffed a bit to blow it away but there was just too much of it. Pulling a spidery knot of it from my mouth, I rolled over on my back. This act alone gave me a good impression of my body.
First of all, I didn't reach as far down the bed while being next to the pillow, so it was clear that I was at least a little shorter. Then, I shifted my legs, I could feel like someone had dug into what had been my featureless groin. The sensations there felt raw after the absence. Not all bad though. My breasts also made themselves known.
Sitting up, I found I was dressed in a pale-pink blouse and icy-blue jeans. Looking down meant another assault by my hair, through which I could see the shape of my breasts through the blouse. They made me think of a ripple across my chest. Standing, my hand found
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 60 46
Man Ban TG - Finale
Man Ban – Finale
And there were many dreams. They came as vignettes. A beach trip with Kestrel. I could see it each way, a simultaneous split of realities. I walk with her as a girl. She waits to see me come out in my outfit. I rub at my elbows and brush the sand with my sandals. She claps and makes me smile. We set out blankets but now I'm Shel and she's Kes, both without gender. The scene doesn't change. It echoes my fantasies in the shower.
Kestrel's alarm sung my eyes open. I laid and pondered with the covers pulled close as Kestrel shifted next to me. Still uncertain.
I do know that I wanted this moment to linger. I don't want to get up and go to work. I shivered as the words tried to push through my mouth again. But Kestrel turned away and slowly woke. She stretched at the edge of the bed. She looked back at me and said, after yawning, "Time to get up." And so I got up.
Each moment flowed like the blast of water through the showerhead. Kestrel helped me prepare a meal
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The Snake's Embrace - Part 15
Alcan held her chair leg out at Folsek. Chark left through the door. Before Alcan could say anything, I took the son by the arm and led her out through the doorway. She tugged back and looked through the door. She stared at her father. Folsek bowed his head to her and gave a smirk as he said, “I love you. Always.”
She held her hand out and pressed it to the front of her hospital gown. Her lips trembled. She shook her head and turned away. I put my arm around her shoulder. Chark was a ways down the hall, checking the next intersection. I could hear Alcan cursing. I saw the edge of her as she yanked the data card out of the console.
The son shook her head and touched her cheek. “Why do I feel so sad? Did I do something wrong?” She looked at me for answers. I gave her a pat on the back, pulled her close, and said, “I know you didn’t do anything wrong. Come on.”
Chark moved away when I got close. I reminded myself not to swallow. Alcan stormed out of the
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Scaredy Cat TG
Scaredy Cat
I was very much almost drunk. Very nearly. I was sure I was pretty close to it but there was no way I was gonna pay for another drink. So I figured I'd ask my buddies for their best stories on the chance that might work at pushing me the rest of the way to drunk. It makes sense when you're very close to drunk.
Victor sat across from me. He was way over the drunk hump and to the point that every little sound was a work of absolute comedy. He'd chuckle through his stubble-speckled lips like an old smoker in a hacking fit. After he managed to drain his beer without giggling into it, I asked him for a story.
My question brought another round of laughs from him. He slapped the table once and said, "Clean out! Notta one. Howbout Roy?" His hand landed on Roy, who sat beside him, with all the subtly of a depth charge. "Got any funny shuff?"
Roy regarded Victor with a wobbling gaze. He was clearly just as drunk as Victor. But he was the quiet type when drunk. He cradled the h
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Swamp Rat by Shockley23 Swamp Rat :iconshockley23:Shockley23 5 4 UNNAMED 1 by Shockley23 UNNAMED 1 :iconshockley23:Shockley23 3 7 Lolita Girl by la-sera Lolita Girl :iconla-sera:la-sera 971 246 Rainbow Lolita by Ryasha Rainbow Lolita :iconryasha:Ryasha 478 40 Gothic Lolita by Cocodrillo Gothic Lolita :iconcocodrillo:Cocodrillo 409 58 Gothic Lolita by Blacklotuscomic Gothic Lolita :iconblacklotuscomic:Blacklotuscomic 824 116 Gothic Lolita by Khalitzburg Gothic Lolita :iconkhalitzburg:Khalitzburg 1,169 86 Doggy and Kitty by AnaKris Doggy and Kitty :iconanakris:AnaKris 617 47


BillieThe HuGrem
THIS might require an explanation... ;)

I had a bad case of artist's block...WANTED to draw, but nothing was coming thru. I was staring at the page racking my brain for something to start with, when a famous tune popped into my head:

Then the thought came...'What of them did something to one of the humans? Maybe making a hybrid?'

But...a GREMLIN?!
Welll...It's DIFFERENT...I don't usually do 'horror', soooo...

I shuffled off to Google and began gathering research photos of the Gremlins...and then started on this.

It took a while to get the three parts looking halfway decent (and I THINK hands are finally beginning to sink in! YESSSS! :) ), but this is the character I pieced together.

A rough gist of what I saw happening:

This happens AFTER the events in 'Gremlins 2: The New Batch'. Since Greta the (female) gremlin escaped the carnage, she was still in town.
The movie ends with the Clamp Employee, Mr. Forster, trapped on an upper floor...with Greta...Who wants to marry him NOW!

He REALLY didn't seem to want any part of it. :)

I figure he escaped somehow, and Greta, frustrated, worked her way out of the building, and BACK into town, where she encounters Billy Peltzer.

Her libido (at high levels from not getting anywhere with Forster), kicks her into gear, and she throws herself at Billy.

Billy, still dealing with the same Gremlin-induced PTSD that his whole TOWN is, sees her jumping him and reads it as an attack, so he PANICS and fights back, pushing her away.

She freaks out, and scratches and bites him to defend herself, and then scrambles off.

Billy wraps a handkerchief around the bite, goes home and treats it.

During the night, his appetite wanes, and he's feeling cold & clammy. He goes to bed early.

He wakes up the next morning he's hungover. He's getting nausea and he's...slimy...with sweat.
So he stays home. His mom and dad head to work.

He tries to go back to sleep, with mixed success. NOW he's starting to get pains building through his system, blocking him from doing that.
So he opts for a shower.
Surprisingly, he feels better and drops into bed...but it doesn't last long.
The pains return, washing over him in WAVES.
He finds that the only thing that reduces it is him curling into the fetal position on his bed...

Billy falls unconscious, again covered with that strange, slimy sweat that's hardening around him...

Later that evening, Billy's mom returns and heads up to the attic to see how Billy is feeling, and stops DEAD in her tracks.
She spent a DAY cleaning out the Gremlin cocoons from Billy's room, and NOW she's looking at a MUCH bigger one.
She can barely make out a form in there.

And there's a female gremlin...watching over it. Not making ANY moves. Mrs. Peltzer can almost see a sad expression on the Gremlin's face, but she watches it like a hawk.
Looking around the room, she comes to the conclusion that this is either the BIGGEST Gremlin's her SON?!

Mr. Peltzer comes back from work, climbs the stairs... and HE'S blown away...he's talking to her when the cocoon begins to squirm and split...long, talon-like nails emerge. He moves over, his hand on the light switch, telling his wife to go downstairs. She refuses, watching fearfully.

Two minutes later, the Cocoon has split open, dumping GOBS of green slime on the wood floor of the attic bedroom.

Greta HELPS the new being emerge from it, pulling the shell away in chunks.

The figure pulls itself into a kneeling pose, looking blankly down.
It's a four foot tall FEMALE being...not QUITE all Gremlin, not QUITE all human.
Dark green and yellow skin, red eyes, black hair...

She raises a taloned hand to the side of her head. "Ohhh, Maaan...Feel...sooo...weird..."


The head pivots up and the red, slitted eyes bore into hers, glowing in the low light.

"Mom? You're home already? How...long...did I...?!?!" She finally registers that her voice sounds different, and looks DOWN again, finally fully registering how she looks. "You've GOT to be KIDDING me..."
She sees motion, and looks to see a very guilty-looking Greta, who hesitates, then talks to her in the Gremlin language.

The Peltzers...and Billie...are surprised when the hybrid responds to the same language...the growls and hisses...pausing in shock as it sinks in that she just spoke the strange language...and it makes sense to her.

"She's...talking to you, son...errr...Billy?"

"Yeah, Dad...She... just apologized...she was scared when I attacked...But...She never thought THIS would happen...!"

"She's...not going to attack us?"

A conversation, and the Gremlin looks over at them, shaking her head.

"Not if YOU don't..." Billie sighed, getting to her (now-bigger) feet. "I'm STARVING...We BOTH are..." She looked up at her worried parents, and her ears drooped.
"Mom, I don't think I can CHANGE much more than this...EASY."

The Peltzers slowly backed down the stairs. "Let's just take it slow, Billie...JUST to be safe..."


Well, NOW the Peltzers get to find out if any of the Mogwai rules still apply to Billie... 0_0;;; :)

I figure the FOOD is no longer an issue...and I'm thinking that Billie has to BATHE in water before she starts to carry another HuGrem. Still water (Bath, pool) helps her reproduce...Rain or getting hit with a glass of water won't do it...

She has the ability to pass on the Change with a bite. (Like a vampire or werewolf.) The person bitten will undergo what Billy did...

(Apologies for the great wall o' Text... :) )

Kon-El (2019)
Got away from gynoids for a bit and fiddled with the 90's version of Superboy...the one and ONLY Kon-El. :)

His costume is a BIT of a fusion of his original costume and the later one with the red shoulders.

His pose is kinda...weird...but all the body parts SEEM to be in the right places and proportions.

I'll probably try him again...he IS one of my faves. :)
Just a thought...
If your family gets converted...what happens when you fall asleep at 3am after tattooing two of them and recolorizing them?


Welll, you gave THEM a makeover...and they've run the simulations about how you'll react if they try to convert you in a day or so...

And your younger, gynoid-loving gynoid sister noted that you WERE sleeping rather heavily...


Time for YOUR makeover... :)

"W-WAIT! What the?! D*mmit, Toni, GET IN HERE!"

"Oh, come on, Alexis...TELL me...HONESTLY...that you don't like how you look...Right, Anna?"

"Sure, Toni...We even left you pure white so you could use the smartphone and PICK your colors! Come on, I KNOW you want to try the fleshtones like you did on..."

"We took a chance with the's REALLY girly, but it WORKS for her..." Toni paused and squeezed Alexis' shoulders, as Anna's right hand started to wander. "Lexi...Yo....LEXXXI..."

The pure white gynoid just stared at herself in the bathroom mirror, stunned silent...

Meredith v2019
Tried my hand at updating her from HERE: Meredith v2.5 by laughingvulcan

I'm sketching a lot now, trying to lock in anatomy.

I'd put up more, but my scanner has decided to be a P.I.T.A...!!! >:(


Greg Lissandrello
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How's THIS for a hammer to the heart?

Robin Williams is now dead at age 63 of an apparent suicide...

My mind doesn't want to believe it. :(

He seemed to be everywhere and doing everything...almost manic hyperactive from my perspective...

• Commercials
• TV ads for St. Jude's Children's Hospital
• (Of COURSE) Mork & Mindy
• The Crazy Ones
• Mrs. Doubtfire
• His rapid-fire improv*

and MUCH more...

I chose the title because when I heard of his death, the lyrics of a certain Beatles song came to my mind almost immediately...

*Oh, YEAH...
He sang too...(Fascinating...)

Rest in Peace, Mr. did good. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
You left our world brighter and happier than it was when you entered it in 1951.


:iconcryforeverplz: :iconcryforeverplz: :iconcryforeverplz: :iconcryforeverplz:


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Love your work.
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Thank you. Appreciate it, Ajm.

I'm doing sketching but it seems to take so long to get anything good... :( :)


But, at least I'm starting to get HANDS down now... :squee: :D
Ajm8888 Featured By Owner May 27, 2019
Starting a chapter is hard for me too. But I am starting too. 
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You might like this...
Retro Gynoid by Imperator-Zor
laughingvulcan Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Faved and responded! :)


Hm. NOW I want to try the design as a variant in the story I'm playing with...To make the family Sisters more unique...

Maybe could see them trying designs based on the 20's, 30's and/or 40's. You Could do 60's, but it would be, what? Trippy tie-dies & bell-bottoms?
70's would be Fros & Platform heels...and Farrah Fawcett Feather hair.
80's?  Hmmm...Punk rock style?

I think the female hairstyles of the 20's and 30's MIGHT have more potential...possibly.

IMHO. :)
Chronorin Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Your art is fantastic!
laughingvulcan Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. :D
Not sure WHY my Muse fixated on Gynoids, but...what the heck? I'll keep running with them and see where it leads. :)

I REALLY wish they were real, for some reason... :)
Chronorin Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Because robot girls are amazingly cute?  I draw them, too!

Project Umbra: Datatrix by Chronorin   ATHENA V: Cybernetic Organism by Chronorin   The Guardian Legend by Chronorin   CyberRaven: The Future is Magic by Chronorin Aquamarine by Chronorin
..they're not real YET, but they almost certainly WILL be at some point.  
laughingvulcan Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
WHY do I get the feeling the first one will be made by APPLE?
It'll be all white, cost a small mint, and they'll come up with a slightly NEW one every year.

Probably will be called an iBabe™... :)
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Fetch26291 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018
Since your dA name and avatar are Star Trek based, I ask if you are a member of StarFleet International. If you are not, please go to to check for a ship(chapter) near you.
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