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Top Seven Mistakes Made by Aspiring Illustrators

Top Seven Mistakes Made by Aspiring Illustrators

I wrote this thing. If you want to repost it on your blog or journal, please credit me with: Article by illustrator Kristina Gehrmann - www.    Thank you! :D    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Selling yourself as a beginner I found a prime example of this in a forum for artists seeking work. The thread title was „Starting-out artist looking for a chance",, and the thread told that the artist is „looking for a client for whom I may draw" and has  „just graduated from art college". We all were at this point once, but usually it takes too long to realize that „beginner" is the w

John Stephenson

Garden Fae

The Encounter with 'Mogget'

The Lamentation of Gahl

Coming of Age2




Tristan and Isolde

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Happy birthday!!! :la::la::la::cake::party:
SeplaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Your work is amazing! It is so life like I fell I am teleported into the world of the paintings!
LaughingAstaraelProfessional Traditional Artist
Aaaaaa thank you so much <3
SeplaHobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! =D
Happy Birthday Laughing!
It's been a while, so I'm just here to make sure you're still the reality-defying paragon of artistically superhuman excellence you've always been. I can only imagine the majestic mountains that have been toppled, the stars that have fizzled out in knowing they could never achieve the awe-inspiring brightness behind your work, THE VERY GODS WHOSE FACES HAVE BEEN SPAT UPON WITH RIGHTEOUS LOOGIES OF PERSEVERANCE.

But nigh-impossible deeds of awesomery aside, I do hope you're doing well Ast!
crimsonotesStudent General Artist
You are so amazing! :))