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🐊 What Are You Doing in My Swamp?

Well? Are You?

🤷🏼‍♀️ Who Am I?


I am the butt under your bed, always reminding who you want to be. By the way, my process of being on DeviantArt (DA) is like this:

- 📚 I am on academic hiatus most of the time, because I am a polymath of commendably irrelevant skills

- 👁️👄👁️ I randomly comment on people, when they are least expecting it

- 🚴 If I say I am excited about a certain idea, I will most likely have another new idea in almost 48 hours, switching all my passion to that one. Do not be fooled by my initial idea. It is not even my true/final form!

- ☀️ I have more time for DA during Summer months

- 📖 I love shounen-ai/yaoi, dogs, and cute boys/girls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- ☝️ Most importantly, some of my mediums of expression is drawing comics, directing, teasing, and dominating people with my healthy non-sociopathic tendencies

✨ Comments, questions, debates, apologies, apathy, denial, friendship, ranting, invites, etc can all be experienced below!

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Imagine a cool artist you’re talking too and had a great conversation and felt like you’re instant best friends until you let out a different opinion on a curtain subject and suddenly you get blocked?

And I know I didn’t said anything wrong? I have the whole damn receipt of the chat!

I was just going to explain myself and I see her typing too but it look like she stopped halfway and decided to give me the boot?

That hurt but I’m not gonna cry a river for a grown ass baby!

I know I didn’t said anything wrong and she would know if she didn’t block me before reading my last message. 😑

i’d rather be told to fuck off then get blocked then get blocked and never know why... 😤😤😤


i’m mad and sad because I had a great chat with this person and made me felt really invested. I told her I was a painter/digital artist and thought I was really cool!

Totally forgetting this person I’m playing fire emblem the three houses!

JAVI, this is an incredibly hilarious pout and interaction, and my iPod just started playing Mr Brightside right as I read this. I think it's dutifully fitting.

Look, I just finished getting laid off by a graphic design job that I really love, and they didn't give me a very good reasoning . They said it was for business reasons because the previous graphic designer came back and there's not enough work for two graphic designers. But there was plenty enough work, too much I say for the part-time position they gave. So there could be a chance that they were looking for somebody that could slave drive, and I wasn't that person. But I'm not going to spend forever trying to figure it out because they decided to end communications. I don't even think they'd be good as a recommendation letter even if they say so, because they don't seem apt to communication.

I don't have to spend my time trying to get them to talk, and you don't have to spend time explaining or persuading her, especially if it doesn't work out. If you feel you haven't done anything that's wrong or she expects you to change a lot based off a certain perspective or she ends communication or so, just go on. Perhaps she has a zero tolerance for certain types of things, and it's good that ends there. They're probably people out there who can take a conversation like that and are also cool artists. Yes, go play your fire emblem, lol. Which I still need to play...

I saw my friend Morgan playing pokémon GO on the train with me, and I'm like "Peh, Back IN MYYY DAYYY, we had Pokemon on game boy!" So I decided to look up the top rated old pokémon games, and I think I'm going to try gold and silver, since it was highly rated. I might have to emulate that, dang it...

By the way, were you using the deviantART chat feature, or it was somebody on Instagram? If so, and it is on Instagram, what if I told you about Instagram, lol! Or you have told yourself about Instagram. By the way, what opinion did you have? I'll go ahead and let you create a minefield here for other people to argue with you right here, lol.

Very well, I will boldly take your challenge! Because the person I was with at the time was a Nsfw artist and our conversations was really risqué and steamy. Besides that I sense that we liked each other and we both loved each other’s arts. We were going through things that we thought was kinky and our turn offs... I tell you but it would be too much...

Later the discussion move to actual people doing sexual abuse on animals and how that is disgusting and wrong and then the discussion got into hentai Territory and we discussed our favorite tags and not so favorite tags. Eventually the topic was

Lolis and shota.

I only said... I don’t Hate nor do I like it but I’m like whatever... If I’m looking up hentai, That wouldn’t be the first thing I look up or be interested in. Also I don’t like extreme Loli works. I think all genres of hentai are mildly OK until they become weird or uncomfortable. Sometimes I read it for the Story And I tell you I read some disgusting ass shit that will not make me sleep at night.

Back to this artist. She saw the word Loli and just froze up and just stopped talking to me which was so sudden, At first Instagram wasn’t loading her up so I looked her up in another device and she’s looking fine and dandy so I assume she blocked me. I left her a DM in her Twitter to apologize just in case if I said anything offensive (which I didn’t)

She has yet to respond to me and I’m hopeful it’s a misunderstanding but at the same time I get pretty petty and absolute when someone does shit like that especially when it’s not warranted. I tell you that she’s a cool person and I believe that but she just left the conversation and then blocked me without telling my why, I even saw her typing. Do you know that thingy icon when you know someone’s typing in the chat. I was expecting some kind of response but then she just stopped at the last minute and just blocked me instead and I’m like? Umm hey you ok?

Don’t get me wrong I understand some people don’t like these things and that’s totally fine, me neither! But a moment ago She was just talking about horse buttholes and me talking about Japanese cartoon porn?

I just felt like she just took the information and processed it wrong or just couldn’t know how to handle it... She could’ve kept on talking or asked me to clarify on something. I always say things very thoroughly so there’s no misunderstanding.

but whatever...

It only bothered me a little because I had a great conversation with this person and that thought we were art pals...

whatever... water under the bridge...

Pfft... yeah she blocked me in Twitter after I just sent her a re-explanation and a low-key apology when I know I shouldn’t have, wow she couldn’t compete with my opinion. AND SHE’S A HENTAI ARTIST??? It’s like working in a bar and you’re supposed to handle all sorts of cocktails but I had the audacity to talk about a certain drink and tells me to leave the premises. (I didn’t even asked for the drink) I think she took what I said out of context and had a quiet explosion and told me to fuck off in the most disrespectful way ever. I’m like whatever I wish you the best but God knows I don’t want to hang out with sheltered people like that. Actually my first time getting a block on Twitter... I heard the legends of the toxic artist community but never like this! lol

I got my first shot of the Astra Zeneca vaccine today.

Side effects: the worst fever in my life, I can't even sit up and the leaflet says it might last up to ten days.

Worse news: people say that the second shot of this vaccine has worse side effects than the first. So if I die this June, know the reason.


When you commented this, I was SUPPOSED to be going to sleep to get ready for a job interview the next day (is what I mischievously told cowtape), but I was instead attempting to desperately finish a Torchlight 2 multiplayer campaign with my friend Izzy late into the night because when I do a project with others, I DO NOT like to leave things hanging so I am not waiting on them to finish their part. SO GOD DANG IT DID I BINGE TORCHLIGHT THAT DAY. I believe you guys streamed that day? WAS IT THE BEST STREAM EVER?

AND ALSO, ARE YOU GUYS IDIOT ENOUGH FOR A MAY 15 - 16, 2021 | 12 PM CST - 12 PM CST | 24 COMIC PAGES IN 24 HOURS CHALLENGE? Skylar-Kohai verchalblue Obelis shakespeareanwolf @SirButtspudIII @LordSpudbutt @Rengelgau Javi-Here Yukike Dream1Fire

You know I quit my God awful doctorate recently? Perhaps I quit it like clockwork just in time for the 24/24? eheheh