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I was gone from deviantart for so many years, I´m not sure I know how to come back.

In any case, I´ll do my best, as now I live in Oxford and have so many beautiful things to take photos of....

I´m trying to learn how to get the best of my new Nikon d90, so any tips will be most welcomed!

Hope you enjoy my new photos,


Devious Journal Entry

Thu May 26, 2005, 2:13 PM
Suscriber for 1 week!

So, now i´ll try  being suscriber...crazy with exams, i hope to make me tame to try da this week!

Hy there evrybody!

...I´m just in the midle of my university exams, so i´ll be bit crazy this days ... (y si sigo escuchando loco de piazzola...terminare mal?!)...

just wanted to tall jou something really great: My brother iratsi (my only and little brother) has won a suscription acount for 1 week!  He has a photo in my gallery called Protectionism :…
Just tell him what you think!!!

So see you arronund, and thanks to you all  for the suport all this months !!!

Hy everybody!

I'm so sorry for not haveing connected in all this months. It was my first year at univecity and couldn't spend much time in other stuff.

But now i'm on hollydays and i'm in Paris!!! yea, just takein photos to evrything, so that when i come back to argentina, y put them up here.

Just hope you're all fine.

Seee you.

Hy there you all. I´m not too muche here in DA  this days, but will be soon, i hope.
Just wanted to see if anyone wants a gmail account (an e-mail account from google), cause i´ve got  some invitations to give. So, send me a note here, or an email to, whith your email adress , so that i can send the invitation.
Hope you´re all ok.
Just wanted to say "Hy" to you all. I´m so sorry for not haveing answered your comments or commented your art, it´s just that i´m doing full time university stuff...but i´ll be back soon.
Hope you´re all ok!
I´m so happy to know so many people have seen my art...even if they don´t like it...even if you don´t like it...thanks for comeing here and giveing me a chance...

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So...just finished my party whith my family and friends...And I´ve got so many new great things...
My brother (  and my father  gave me a tripod  for the cam...and whith my boyfriend (otherexpectations.deviantart.c…) , a book to learn about i´ll be able to improve my art...
And lots of clothes so nice...
Tomorrow (or is it today???) I´ll make a party whith my friends...
So, hope you´re all enjoying the hollidays...
See you...
...Each day I´m older...but it´s next Tuesday that my age´m ejoying my las days  of 18...
...BTW...I made an acount for my boyfriend: he´s ~otherexpectations...
...And my brother has one too...(he´s younger than me but his acount is older than mine...)..he´s ~iratsu ...

Thanks to you all for commenting on my work...That´s what strength to continue here everyday....
I´m so happy...Each time more people like my work...and comment...and that´s what I need to keep doing it...By now I´m only doing Wsllpapers because that´s where i spent less time...cause I have all my university exames...But next week I´ll only do photography!!! and the 20 th of July is my Birthday...
200 pageviews... can´t believe it...didn´t know sombody would like watchink my art...Thanks to all deviants who comment on my work, and help me improving my stile...thanks...