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War criminals



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He doesn't want to re-create some "magical Empire" like your kind hopes he wants. He is not like you.

He wants to keep the Status Quo. Russia -> has a Connection to the Mediterranean European Sea. For this,

- Russia needs it's economical Partner-Country there, Syria.

- Russia needs to KEEP the Crimea, because of the Haven Sevastopol.

Huh ... ... ?

... ... what is TH~IIIIIIIIIIIIS ... ... ?? ... ... ;)

Wasn't Syria that Country, where ... ... ... where "STRANGE", with NATO-Merchant equipped "REBELS", were threatening to destabilise the Country ?

To destroy Assad's Regime ?? And take the "PARTNER-COUNTRY" Syria away, from Russia ... ... ? Pondering

This fortunately failed. "Of Course".

Because "the mighty Russian never sleeps", when the Snake known as the West makes it's Move. ;) :laughing:

They CAN'T afford, to sleep - with the lying Snake "NATO" trying to erect a global Military-Empire of some Sorts. We know what would happen if Russia would "EVER" come into a similar Situation like Afghanistan or Iraq - and would be unable to fight back against a filthy Assault-War onto their Home-Soil. ;)

So "AFTER" this Shitshow in Syria failed gloriously,

very much to the butthurt of Globalists and their disgusting, misanthropic Puppets,

a "STR~AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGE" Regime-Change via a "Coup" took Place in Ukraine,

made and sponsored by NATO-"DEEPSTATE-Criminals" ... ... ... :ponder: ~hmmm ... ...

And Russia had : " AGAIN ",

NO - OTHER - CHOICE - but to intervene and protects it's Military-Haven of Sevastopol, from the filthy Henchmen of Globalists with NATO Power-Fantasies ... ...

... ... by TAKING the Crimea : showing the weak Azov-Nazi's what they can do with the whole Ukraine at every Moment at any time, if they would want to.

Then, Ukraine overtook the VERY. FATE. that Misanthropes in Power in the US, planned for Syria.

- Ukraine was "split".

- Disunited.

- Split into two Camps.

- The mentally ill Criminal Camp with BLOODLUST towards Russians, a.k.a. the Azov Nazi Side,

AND the more East-Ukrainian Side, who wants to keep their peaceful Relationships with the Russians.


for EIGHT. LOOONNNG. YEARS. - "Western"(lol) Nazi-Forces of Ukraine, terrorised and attacked EAST Ukrainian Area's and People,

with Mortar-Fire and Sniper-Attacks - ultimately murdering over EIGHTY-FIVE. THOUSAND. East Ukrainian Countrymen of theirs, who clearly stated that they will NEVER swear Loyalty to the Azov-Nazi Regime,

and will "NEVER" - join into the Hostilities with Russia.

All of this -> took place "BEFORE" 2022 and before Russia decided, that sadly -> it is Time to interfene, yet "AGAIN" against the disgusting, filthy, misanthropic Ways of the West.

H~mmmm, "ALMOST" a Coincidence, how most of the Conflicts sponsored and even CREATED by Western- and NATO-Forces since around 2010, all always lead to try to somehow financially and otherwise strangle the Russians ... ... ... Facebook Thinking Face emoji ... ... ... it is ALMOST like those are no Coincidences at all ... ... ... h~mmm ... ...

I pray that the Russian will never lose his remaining Patience with our shitty Wannabe-Empire that is the West. Because they have at least same as many, nuclear Warheads than the united States.

Of Course NOTHING of this will ever interest the "ETERNAL" Main-Stream Slaves, "horny" to march into Goose-Step with the Will of their hidden Masters,

who couldn't give any less fxxx's about how many, imbecilic Idiots they sacrifice as Cannon Fodder for their imperialistic-globalistic Wishes and Agenda's.

There are hardly any War-"HEROES" around this Day and Age. But we "SURE" have many People, who would eagerly LOVE to become War-Criminals.

Thanks "GOD" People like neoTall are eternal "PUSSIES" - and easily put into their Place by based, patriotic People like Kyle Rittenhouse.

We can't have little, leftwingish Wannabe-Rulers think they are tough and can do with the World whatever they want, right ? 😌👌