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Virginia Tech rampage

By Latuff2
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Reconstitution based on accounts of survivors of the Virginia Tech College shooting rampage, where 32 people were massacred by a gunman.

(SECOND UPDATE - April 18)

More accurate depiction based on photos taken by the own gunman.

(UPDATE - April 18)
Adding new items to image, according witnesses.

1 - Glock 9mm pistol in his right hand
2 - Glasses
3 - Jeans
4 - Maroon cap
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Kill all muslims.
IvanIslyIvan's avatar
Which is worst? Virginia Tech or Columbine '99?
Frogpunk95's avatar
both are just as bad
wkeeble's avatar
So that's what he done wow this is fucked up
MechEDisneyHokie's avatar
this is pretty fucked up
an-salad's avatar
mynameiswaifu's avatar
If you're not a troll then I will burst out laughing
Although it's still pretty fucking cruel to laugh at the deadliest mass shooting by a single person
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I like this drawing.
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I have to be honest, I almostfeel like doing the same shit as this guy since nobody that's capable of helping me even cares about me or respects me. My mother's in jail... AGAIN... and my father, the only person who's even remotely capable of helping, won't help me with my serious problems unless there's something in it for him.

I honestly wish Cho had killed a lot of people where I live instead of Virginia Tech.
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I understand how you feel. Life has not been the best for me either. I hope things get better for you. If you need someone to talk to, please feel free to message me.
LittleGreenGamer's avatar
Thank you very much. I believe that your approach to my comment could be a deterrent to psychological problems for many people. To be honest, my life going smoothly. But if it comes crashing down, I hope I take my emotions out through artwork and not through violence. :)

I don't want to sympathize with people like the VT gunman or the Sandy Hook gunman, but given that I have Asperger's Syndrome and have been prone to outbursts, I hope that I can give people a look into my mind and maybe find the key to preventing a major act of violence at the very root of it.

For this, you will be one of many heroes in my life I plan on paying tribute to.
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You're welcome. Thank you. I'm glad your life is going smoothly. Art is always a useful method to express emotions. I write about how I feel.

I understand about that. Due to being abused as a child, I have a panic disorder and get stressed easily, plus depression. It's wonderful that you want to help others prevent violence.

Thank you.
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this pic shows me that you are not a political activist but just another war and carnege idusiastic...
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Epic drawing.
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I say. Did they ever uncover the reasons for his ghastly actions?
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Girls made fun of him. :shrug:
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It's not so much the content of it that I approve of, but i applaud that you had the guts to make this. The world needs more artists with guts to make something controversial.

Well done!
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I'm a student at tech and typed VT hoping to find a great picture of the campus and this came up as the first result :( downer in my day
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soo tragic...i lost my bff there
blushinthesightofher's avatar
wuts soo cool about that??!! ok ... i must admit that is cool and we don't realy talk with each other well cuz she was older than me
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wow man, i didnt expect to find anything like this here, i thought it was a real comic at first. I respect the fact that u drew this up w/o worryin bout the flak.
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the artwork is good but, dude not cool
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