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U.S. presidential race

High resolution version for printing purposes here: [link]

(To be published in the magazine "Ideias" of the Sindicato dos Servidores das Justicas Federais no Rio de Janeiro, SISEJUFE).
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I don't get it!
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Improve your own country before you criticize others. As if your Brazilian "president" is a paragon of human decency.

And if you want four more years of Bush, be my guest.
Brilliant! I literally laughed out loud.
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I'm not sure u got Obama right, negotiation isn't being a hippie it's just a way to talk to people who no one has tried to converse with.
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i love this one! people actually think obama is going to make a significant change in our domestic and foreign policies.
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For once Latuff, I disagree with you
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Hey everybody... you must to watch it [link]
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2 faces of all same
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lol nicely put... if simplistic. Obama '08
I think I've realized that anyone on this posting spree that has said either "F*ck democracy" or "both are nut jobs" or even "that freak-show" is either still an angsty high-schooler with no intention of providing anything in the future to their community, or is old enough to vote, but doesn't have enough of a work ethic to actually look in-depth at the candidates for president. Please, before you say anything about the candidates for president, think about their actual impact. :)
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Great! It's the best thing I have seen concerning that freak-show! There is no such thing as a lesser evil. If voting made any difference, it would be illegal. If you vote for either of these criminals YOU are responsible for the crimes that will follow. YOU are responsible for the wars Obama will start (every U$ President since WWII has started one) so don't vote - it only encourages them!
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No such thing as a lesser evil?Which is worse, thief or murderer?What exactly are you saying,that the Illuminati just choose who wins ahead of time and ignore the voting?And it wouldn't be illegal it would simply not exist.
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It's not like I fight on the internet with warmongers. I just comment on cool art. The question you ask however could not be more wrong. It must be who is worse: murderer or murderer! Thanks for your attention. Please do me and the net a favour and do not reply.
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Apathy and cynicism won't change anything, either. Go out and vote and make your voice heard.
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Boycott is not apathy, voting is participating in warcrimes and a clear YES to the status quo. Fighing on the Internet is even worse. If you like to you can reply I will neither read it or write anything more.
How very irresponsible of you to say that, do you have any FACTS to show that Obama has any intention of starting ANY wars what-soever? If you do have any proof that Obama has such intentions, please send it to me, and I would be willing to hear your fanatical ravings with a little more attention. :)
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LOL is the only thing that comes to mind. XD
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Awesome, since the both of them are nut jobs. :thumbsup:
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God, how awfully inaccurate, dude. That's NOT AT ALL what the debates were like. If you actually paid attention, you wouldn't have drawn eagles, you would draw Joe the Plumber.

Gosh. :bleh:

:lol: Eh, I kid. I like this one. Nice renditions of our next poor bloke in charge.
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Actually, Obama's all but said he'll "Cut and Run" he just has to play careful. He's a die-hard "Black Power" radical raised from the 60's attitudes. I was raised by Hippies, he's using all the code words and gestures.

I just wish he was going to swear on Jackson's Koran "..And Mohammed is his prophet!"...for president... That action would probably kill 50% of "Conservatives" by instant heart-attack and it's them doing 95% of the US's damage to the rest of the world.
Yes, because he ABHORS democracy and integration and toleration of other races (sarcasm). Come on, have you heard what people are saying at McCainn rallies? Excuse me, it's not when McCainn is on, because he tries to stop the crowds from doing that, but it's Palin who's egging on these extremist right wings. People have been calling him an "arab" and says he "pals around with terrorists, and I don't believe that I've heard Obama say anything about any other race to discredit him in any fashion. Obama had a white mother for god's sake, and before you say "he hated his mother and her race", wouldn't you if you were 10 years old and people of the same colour as your mother are calling you hateful things and are intending you harm? Besides, he has the most presidential attitude of both candidates in this race (Ralph Nader does not count)..
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