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The bravery of U.S. Marines

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"The U.S. Marine filmed throwing a crying puppy off a cliff ([link]) may have been trying to prove his strength or bravery, several mental health professionals told"

High-resolution versions for printing purposes here:

(English) [link]

(Arabic) [link]
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HaloGodzilla2005New Deviant

This is not funny!!! Too Offensive Latuff2

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idislikecakeHobbyist Traditional Artist
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idislikecakeHobbyist Traditional Artist
ok, context?
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So one asshole who happens to be a Marine throws a puppy off a hill, therefore the bravery of every Marine is called into question?


you're an artist and a complete scumbag. Therefore every artist is a scumbag!

wow! Painting with a broad brush is fun! -and it allows me to feel superior!!

also? You're a scumbag. Did I mention that?

semper Fi
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ChristoManHobbyist Photographer
Either hold all servicemen to the same light around the world or don't hold them to anything at all. 

I'm sick of being told how the U.S. a military is somehow this heroic league of heroes protecting the world from evil itself. So you're allowed to bash the shit out of other armed forces but not America's? Who has had its fair share of mes ups and wrong doings.

half the characteristics they claim only US soldiers have are shared by all military forces around the world. 

Yes I'm sure US soldiers out their have done crazy shit like this before, the same way I'm sure Australian, English, Russian, Chinese and whatever else have too. 
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As a combat veteran Marine I have defended you right of free expression.
Other than pointing out the problem young men face standing at the gate of hell what have you ever done in your life? What have you done except mock those who defend you? What have you done to build the society your flaunt?

Yes for Gaza the home of the psychotic suicide killer who uses an ancient mythology to convince himself and others that his actions are sanctified by a deity.

Give it 20 years little political prophet when the Chinese come into their own and start calling in all the 'aid' they've been 'handing out'. They DO NOT take kindly to criticism like this. Or have you never heard of Tienanmen Square?
Let's see what you opinion of the USMC is then.

Now I will exercise mine by telling you to FOAD.
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Thank you for your service! Semper Fidelis
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Semperfi and OOHRA!
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It's people like you that make this country worth living
Thanks for everything you did to serve
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Sorry for the long delay but thank you for the sentiment but I beg to differ. My father  [born 1916] never served a day in uniform but did more than I ever could to help build this nation living through the Depression, WWII, through the Cold War and the Space Age. I say thanks to those who serve everyday of their lives to respect other's rights and improve their communities.
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You know there's some serious issues in this country if you can't demonize a PUPPY KILLER without being labeled as unpatriotic.
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Well, the problem isn't that the image demonizes a dog killer. The problem is that the image demonizes the entirety of the Marine corps.
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TamaliceHobbyist Traditional Artist
THANK YOU! Finally someone with common sense
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😉 Oorah!
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CyndagoHobbyist General Artist
This is very insulting to me and my family.
Coming from a heritage of U.S. Marines and veterans in general it is very offensive. We don't do this stuff, and a lot of us absolutely love animals.
From one artist to another though, I do respect your right in posting this. BUT if you did show this to a Marine in person.. you'd probably get your ass kicked and a good talkin too because thousands die to preserve our country and then there's this shit almost like a slap in the face telling us that our lives on the line isn't good enough.
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The guy killed an innocent dog. Who gives a fuck what his job is?
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CyndagoHobbyist General Artist
1. Theres no proof that it happened.
2. I'm not saying all us military personnel is the best of the best and deserves glory are gratitude from everyone
3. I'm defending myself here, leave the troops out of it.
4. I had no intention of bringing this back up again, nor do I want to talk about it.
5. I respect your opinion but I still don't think this is real. 
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there was fucking video look it up he was kicked out of the army of which ever branch he was in
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CyndagoHobbyist General Artist
There was no video, the link was fake.
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honey I apolagize for my anger but there is a video go on youtube.
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