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The bravery of U.S. Marines 2

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"The U.S. Marine filmed throwing a crying puppy off a cliff ([link]) may have been trying to prove his strength or bravery, several mental health professionals told"

High-resolution versions for printing purposes here:

(English) [link]

(Arabic) [link]
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DAE HATE AMURICA jajajajaja <ebin meem amirite?
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oh, im sorry, i forgot to comment on how much sense it makes to blow yourself up fore a god that dousnt exist, please keep on killing yourselves fore nothing, its good to joke about
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Yup, it's even more fun to see an idiot 12 years old  American  proving "innocence" of his country that doing mass murdering. I'm not trying to stereotype anyone or anything, but since you mock one of the main religion of the world..well, let's just say you're the one that call this comment to appear.
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Either way, both are because of fucked up mental health problems. And shootings happen all the time. But planes full of people were flown into buildings full of thousands of people because of religion. Religion is retarded and unneeded. And, no, shooters don't shoot to prove "innocence". That makes no sense whatsoever.
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wow, everyone hates america, just be lucky we arent a bunch of dirty pigs squabling among the dark like you people and nuke the fuck out of everything
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fahd4007Professional Interface Designer
so what your (americna) dirty dogs doing in afghan and iraq...
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we actually discharged him for that. marines dont support the abuse of animals. we frigging love puppies
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thats right, you only abuse humans
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Yeah. Humans who think that a woman without a hijab warrants a stoning.
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LOL Love this pic, but no for real, I agree, we marines dont support the abuse of any one, at least not when people are looking. :p

He discharged him for that? I thought he got a NJP for bad behavior...
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latuff2 Maybe you should go over their and fight enemy insurgents and have to worry about a sniper blowing your head off or a IED blowing your legs off every single day, and then too come home and have jerks like you do crap like this.
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Please, the people in the Armed Forces i know, would kick his arse for doing this. Yes, a few people get through to the military that should never have been there, but most of the Armed Forces are not like this.
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You've heard it plenty of times before, I know, but how can you discredit a US Marine's service to his contry because of an incident like this?

This piece that you have made is the surest sign that the Marines are doing their jobs. Where else on earth could you openly protest the people that defend our freedom?
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No need to stereotype the whole military because two retards threw a puppy off a cliff. Every Marine I know despises what they did.
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SteelwoolStudent Traditional Artist
yes marines are an honorable force, the few that are sadistic pricks dont represent the entire outfit, and dont forget they are fighting another outfit who exells at hiding behind women and children rather then fighting like actual men.
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its not like the iraqi resistance can go head on with america.. its called assymetric warfare and its an acceptable form of combat .. used throughout history. What foolish statements "human shielding" the only proof i've seen of this was commited by the israeli IDF.. .. the only honorable soldiers are the deserters

i find it pathetic that we care more about an animal being killed ... than people
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Reminds me on the Report where GI's shot a Dog and watch it yowl before his Iraqi Owner.

Reason (?): They said they felt "threatened" (The Dog's Height don't even did go the height of their Knee's).
Such a small Dog, a threat to a trained US.Soldier?

It's ugly and scary how sadistic and criminal some People on our Earth are.
But when they got shot by a Sniper and are not dead instantly, they cry loud in Despair and say that's unfair and Terrorism.

Dream on, GI's. War is war. You have the stronger Equipment, the other have the stronger Tactics and Conviction.
You can't win. Run home and scream loud 'God bless America' as when you would be the Winners.

(Sorry but a belief about a War with no Reason has the be critical ;P )

Nice Picture, even with this horrific Essence. Most People on the World don't dare to look at the ugly Truth sometimes. ;)
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HooHa-ManStudent Writer
As always: the actions of the few corrupt the image of many.

Glad to see all is right in the world.
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Okay lets stop patronizing all of the soldiers for what some monsters did. They're not all like that, My father had been there so many times and right now someone close to me is over there, and I know for a fact that most of them are much better than what you think they are. Its okay to be appalled by something so freaking horrible (I'm a major animal and nature lover, since i was little I have been), but you can't be so immature as to not see the whole picture and just get on every soldier for what they did.

But in regards to the really speaks. All of the ones in this gallery do. I'm honestly glad that there are people who make this art and do it so well, I wish there were classes teaching this art form in my college, politcal 'cartoons' are so great.
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Exactly, don't assume that because some American Soldiers did this that they're all scumbags. That's like saying that all Iraqis are Terrorists.
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Exactly my thought.
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kairraHobbyist Photographer
That's what happens when you join an army though - you're paid to follow orders and recruited for that fact, not because of your mental capacity. If more soldiers actually had a brain and used it, there wouldn't have been a war with Iraq. It was thanks to the backward thinking, moronic patriotic crap that the US army brainwashes it's soldiers with that has made Iraq even worse than it was before they got there.
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