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The World's Worst Nightmare

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i don't think america is the world's worst nightmare. the guy's behinde the curtain are the nightmare.
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They're Traitors.
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Awesome, and Original
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Say,.....That Kinda looks like Bush, lol. He IS however the world's Worst Nightmare.
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Is it not already like that?
Except I think it's not Uncle Sam. It's Bush.
scary...but I fear nothing but God. Emotional response evoked. Well done.
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i love freddy....and i love this pic!

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His name should be Freddie Krugerberg and he should be dressed in Israeli Blue. The US citizen has no more power, it belongs to the Israelis now.
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U.S. citisens have never had much power, but the Israelis don't have much as a people, either. The power belongs to the elite upper class and that won't change until the lower regiments rise against their leaders. I'm not really sure what exactly the purpose of this image was supposed to be, other than some fan art of Freddy. Dressing him up in someone else's clothes doesn't change the fact that he has absolutely nothing to do with American propaganda or elemental welfare. There really is no depth to this beyond trying to make something the horror fans will laugh at and the anti-Bushians
(or pro) will flame you for having created.

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"U.S. citisens have never had much power" i think you ment intelligence... people have the power to vote, that's pretty much enough unless you're not very smart, that's the problem.
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oh man, thats wicked 8D awesome idea and work
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Very true ... Right now, one of my worst nightmares is that the son of a f*cking bitch Mckain gets elected ...

Then the world is REALLY screwed!
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I love the "Freddy Uncle Sam" metaphor of yours.. :clap:
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no comment ,,, star cartoons ,,,
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well said :clap:

true .... worst nightmare
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yeh and some of them think their government cares even when faced with stuff like the vietnam war where soldiers either followed orders or got arrested yeh real caring government
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Again, your arts rules!

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