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The Pesticide Industry

Over $30 billion is spent on pesticides annually. A quarter of this total is spent in Asia, where sales were up by more than 10% in 2000. These pesticides, however, are poisons that, when used improperly or without sufficient knowledge of their effects, endanger humans, animals and the environment. Many of the pesticides that are used in developing countries are banned in the developed countries where they are manufactured.

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Thank you for this. It's excellent.
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Gorgeous drawing
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Another "Legacy" of America; Exporting crops and business practices banned here.

In the 70's, there was due to a non-totally controlled media, a "Flammable Pajama" scare and scandal, where to save money clothing manufacturers started making kid's pajamas with Nylon/rayon mixes. Not just a house fire, but even a spark and they'd immideately catch on fire and melt and stick to the kid's flesh as it burned.

Well, they were banned overnight, but the stores kept them on the shelves, causing more horrific burns and lifetimes of disfigurement to even babies. They explained, both to the media and to the judge and juries that they had lots on the shelves and were just going to finish selling that batch, that the ban was ill timed.

They ended up with big fines, and a few almost went to jail. Guess what they did with the remaining PJ's?

They shipped them overseas, to countries without the ban, or in the pre-internet era, any way of getting wind of what happened quick enough. Marketed as "High quality premium American goods" they were sold at high (on local markets) prices to re-coup the cost of production with a small profit.

Any of them got to Brazil?
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Would you like extra virgin pesticide with your salads ? lol

Nice one
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great!killing ourself everyday:beer:
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