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The Pathetic End to Bush Era 2

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See also "The Pathetic End to Bush Era": [link]

"The Bush shoe-thrower, journalist Muntazer al-Zeidi, hero of the Iraqi People": [link]

High resolution version for printing purposes here: [link]

And here: [link]
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ValinakovaProfessional Digital Artist
Holy shit thats a lot of Shoes.
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yeah eat that bush!
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hahaha i remember this day, I was studying for an English exam and my sister opened the door screaming "sb. hit bush with a shoe" i was like whaaaaaaaaaaat?!!! :D
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Cosmic--ChaosHobbyist General Artist
Forget the shoes, throw bricks!
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RetroTimeWarpStudent Traditional Artist
An allusion to Tricky Dick? ;P
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HurpDur Traditional Artist
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i bet a lot of muslims or atleast the people from the countries you reprisent love your work
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Latuff, for me you are a hero. But, you see, i think Palestina is not ready yet to be free. They are not unitet as a single spirit, a single wish. Palestina is like a slughtered ox. Fatah and Hammas fight on he's meat like two lions when israelian crocodile eat theyrs cubs and lioneses...Is a stupid thing, and my heart bleeding, but this is the truth. When Palestina will be united, then Palestina will be free. Please excuse my poor english. If you have a little time, please, enter here [link] Is my work...
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كلنا بنكرهه
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I am going to give my two cents on this.

While I do not think Bush is the greatest president this country has ever had, he is certainly not the worst. There have been far more incompetent leaders of the United States such as Grant, Buchanan, and Carter. The facts speak for themselves. President Bush kept us safe from terrorist attacks for 7 years, when the majority of Americans thought we would be attacked again after 9/11.

The point I'm trying to make is that Bush was not a corrupt man, he was not cruel man and he was not a selfish man. He was a decent and good human being who really wasn't fit for the job and at times made foolhardy decisions which resulted in unfortunate consequences.

What the Far Left does not want to admit, even though they now it, is that Bush did something politicians have not done since the time of Reagan. He became a statesman, ruling by his convictions and what he believes in, even if it was unpopular. He enacted legislation that put him at odds with not only Democrats, but right-wingers in his own party. At the end of the day, he is still a flawed, imperfect person, but he is, and will always be a patriot and a man who sacrificed his immediate legacy for the safety of this country.

In 20-30 years, I think history will show Bush as a decisive president who had to make tough decisions that were necessary to preserve the integrity of America.
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damn straight, right to the point and true, but honestly I still think he's an idiot, a good man, but an idiot
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Great inking, concept, and I love the Nixon pose he's doing.
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Poor shoes D:
They gonna get blood on 'em
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DedHedRedHobbyist Traditional Artist
fucking epic :]
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magedartProfessional Interface Designer
This is great
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He starts his dive high on the blocks... he's not attempting a very difficult dive, only a 2.5... and oh no hes fallen off the blocks backwards and plunged headfirst into the water. I don't think the UN judges are going to like this at all and... nope, nope they done like this at all... i'm seeing a 4 and a couple of 2s there and it looks like this loser is going to have to walk away with the bronze... and the crowd goes wild, storming him with what seems to be loafers of various sizes.

Seriously man great pic xD
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Chubby-CherryProfessional Interface Designer
Featured here [link]
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wow.. very nice and full of meanings..
I like it
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added to my favs!
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Vai faltar sapato no Iraque se é pra dar o que o Bush merece.
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GTHC85Professional Interface Designer
hahahahhaaa "bush is crime"
"goodbye iraq" and shoes
ike this artwork!!!
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and yet he dodged them all. im telling you guys MATRIX!
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