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The Obama Surge in Afghanistan

High resolution versions for printing purposes here: [link]

And here: [link]
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Obama is trying to fix the mistakes Bush made. Don't forget that.
He seems to be making them worse.
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acıyorum bu millletler evlatlarını kaybetmenin acısını yaşamıyormu şu lanet fosilleşmiş karbon bazlı yağ ve ağaç kalıntıları için
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the truth....

and this was very fantastic..... art
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Banana-Obama is here:
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Christ, man, that's just twisted.

Besides, he would send new troops to Afghanistan, not soldiers who were in Iraq for God-knows-how-long. ...probably not, though :crash:
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They would never deploy mutilated people, they would be medically disqualified for deployment. Some soldiers who served in Iraq (and were uninjured) have been deployed to Afghanistan though, but it was usually voluntary.
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I don't know if I should be laughing or if I should be crying.
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oh my god, hahaha, so true, yet sad..... man im sick of the new world order bs
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lol ,yes we can after of send to afgh
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Hi. I run this here little anarchist/anti-authoritarian artists group called The Red and Black Artists Coalition. We basically collect any and all subversive type artwork and display it together in one gallery so that all the artists involved may get better exposure and have the support of like-minded people.

I was wondering if I could add this particular piece of art of yours to our gallery.

I hope you get back to us soon. :D

Note: I also posted this message on your old profile. You actually have a lot of nice things here that we would love to include, so let us know what you think.
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This is brilliant! Great statement! I support our troops and think they way they have been treated (by both Bush and Obama) is terrible.

They've had their health benefits taken from them, they're under paid, and are now becoming the victims of hate crimes. And nobody has made a move to right the wrongs and start giving the soldiers the kind of respect they deserve!
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This brings tears to my eyes. Well done.
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Well, I don't see what your point is. You are not in the Military, and 95% of the Military knows what it got into when we swore in. We are willing to fight, willing to die, for the things you take for granted. Say what you want, draw what you want. I won't stop you, I won't flame you. It is your right. A right I am willing to die for.

I leave for Afghanistan in a few weeks. Was I mad, since I spend well over 3 years in Iraq? Nope. I had reenlisted for that reason, to finish what we started. Because I am a Marine, and that is what I do. It is Do or Die, buddy. Nobody likes to fight, but someone has to do it, and I can tell it sure as hell won't be you or your hippie friends.

Semper Fidelis.
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im an iraq war vet and you do not speak for me lil kid.
We went in with the oath that..
WE ARE FIGHTING ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! Domestic means at home too! You would probably shoot american citizens if Obama told you to. Our country has really gone far from the greatness that it once was a hundred years ago.
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Most of what you say (justifications for the invasion & brutal occupation of Iraq) arouses a question in my mind. What is you thought on the role of Military Contractors/Mercenaries in this War? I, personally am repulsed by your lack of compassion for fellow US soldiers, let alone the millions of Iraqis your armies have killed/maimed for life (think DU). I appreciate your forth-rightness, though.
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most of the war funding goes to the private mercenaries and contractors , i have proof and personal experience of this from the 1 year tour i did in iraq. If other soldiers disagree with me then they are IGNORANT and BLIND.
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this is so true!!!! rofl!
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Awesome !!! i like :D
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It's just disgusting how this sickening policy has been disguised as "moving troops out of Iraq" what they don't tell us is where. Assholes. Good job- made tears swell in my eyes, really did.
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America's army is a volunteer program, if your service is up, you don't have to come back.
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"So I think we should just give this latest action towards Afghanistan with caution and see how it turns out, before making assumptions."

Too bad people didn't act so respectful when Bush was in office. Whenever Bush did anything, people just jumped to conclusions, made assumptions, and just freaked out in general. No one ever gave Bush a chance.

I mean, sure, he did some things that I didn't like, but people were just WAY too critical of him.
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