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The Mother of All Wars

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I always thought the Bush administration was full of incompetent morons. But now I know they're psychopathic monsters :X
Jesus, this makes me cringe. She's a total witch :puke:
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This is about as close as Dr Rice can get to a maternal instinct.
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here we think of her appearance on TV as a bad omen, not to mention her visit to "the region" .. her visit is always is followed by something awful !
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well said ..... and screw you all who do not agree mln
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Wasn't Colin Powell the one who instigated those wars?

Well, then again, the sight of that man breast feeding a baby would be better left confined to the menacing insanities bobbing about in my own imagination.
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At least she feeds them...
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But not with good things ...
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aww, gunpowder can be plenty nurishing to a third world country :-X
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The slave bitch of the Bush plantation
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Dude, get over it, it's just as true as everything else the Bush administration has done to slander our dear country, as well as the $9,411,439,229,269.75 deficit we are currently in.
Open your eyes please.
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but Codolezza Rice really disrespect her roots.
her conduct offend USA everyday and she threats all the world
she is a Oreo,an Aunt Jemima, a whore at the white man service
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her conduct offend USA everyday and she threats all the world

What does that have to do with her race?

Hell, what does ANYTHING on Latuff's image have to do with race? Why did you go the whole race route anyway?
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If i meet someday Condolezza i want to be very offensive with her, and the racial route its by far the most offensive way.
I want to offend her no the race
A partner in a genocide an criminal war as her deserves every racial or gender offense of the book only for discharge all the impotence and frustration.
remember, the ultimate offense its murder.
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Then save the flagrant incivility for elsewhere. You are NOT looking at Condoleza directly, so you needn't go the route of the bigot. Nobody should be criticized because of their race; they should be pegged for their actions.
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What the hell, Carlos?

A black man stands up for himself, in the face of a remark that was clearly inappropriate and very insulting to black people, AND YOU HIDE HIS COMMENT INSTEAD OF THE OTHER?
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Ok , Rice must be executed in an awful way , but only for her crimes against humanity
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Racial insults with a political figure-head will get you nowhere. ><
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its the sad true
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Yep, and we're gonna be in the hole for a very, very long time.
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