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The Hero of the Iraqi People

By Latuff2
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The Bush shoe-thrower, journalist Muntazer al-Zeidi, hero of the Iraqi People.

High resolution version for printing purposes here: [link]

And here: [link]
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this man is a life saver
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He missed, twice.
And he should have shouted:
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I know this probably won't be a popular comment, but I don't understand how anyone can call him a hero. There are plenty of people giving there lives, literally dying trying to help, and because this man throws a shoe and a political leader he is now said to be a hero. I personally don't find throwing a shoe heroic, I find it to be somewhat of ignorance. And hearing people say "I wish this guy used a gun. Or, at least, throwing knife..." & saying it was hilarious to watch. Well I'm pretty sure if he had used a throwing knife and actually kill Bush, things would be much worse than they are now. I hope I didn't offend anyone with this comment and if so I apologize.
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In Iraqi culture, shoe throwing shows dissent.
reference: [link]
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The Know Your Meme episode on it kind of explains it a little. It's more heroic in the "he did what we all wanted to do, but couldn't" way.
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It was funny but it is insulting the the prime minister because he let Bush into the country as a guest and because the journalist broke that hospitality he stepped over the line.

but it was still funny as hell to watch bush come so close to getting what he deserves.

I just wish he had better aim and was wearing spurrs.
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it was so funny to watch them to make stupid moves (life is like chess)
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DarkPrince2007Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, he's the hero of everybody!
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Does anyone know what happened to this guy afterward???
Is he all right?
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I'm afraid not :(
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Oh, Hell...
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Yep, I think they overdid it a bit. >_>

Btw I just noticed you like Naruto :D A Gaara fan, sou desu ne?
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Yes, and Death Note. I take it you like Lee and Near?
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AnubisGraphProfessional Interface Designer
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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vampresstara666Hobbyist General Artist
amazing!!!! am adding this to my :+fav:
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Yeah , he is,

He did what the arabian kings cant do

He did what we all wanna do :D
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samiatayProfessional Digital Artist
a true hero
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lol i knew it... i was waiting for this from you latuff... nice work!! and yeah did bush play alot of dodge ball??? lol
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great! HERO!!!!
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c'mon not the Iraqees only..
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F3niXXXHobbyist Photographer
I wish this guy used a gun. Or, at least, throwing knife...
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