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Targeting Iran nuclear program

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Cartoon for Iranian newspaper Jame Jam. High resolution version: [link]
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Uncle Sam Just keeping nukes outta the hands of immature lunatics who will use them to murder millions of innocent Israeli citizens, nothing to get upset about. 
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To this day I will never understand this situation properly. :XD: just good old fashion American hysteria created by it's government. 
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Yet Iran hates our guts so letting them have access to one of the most powerful weapons known to man would not be a smart decision. Plus if the Kurds finally get their own Nation and independence then a new Kurdistan would be at the mercy of Neighboring nuclear powers with the capabilities to wipe out the Kurdish people who love the American people to which Iran hates if we can't touch them then they can fully wipe out the Kurds in the future.
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India hates us. They Have nukes. They hate Pakistan more, but they won't attack them because Pakistan has nukes to defend themselves. 

The main reason why America seems to be so up shits creek about Iran getting nukes is because that means that won't have complete dominance over them. The United States loves to have all their peices surrounding their enemies, but one a single piece from someone else pops up (EG missiles in Cuba) they act as if it's an imminent threat, when it's just a counter move to their current actions. 

Also so even if Iran did get missiles, they would never be able to attack the US. Or anyone else without being bombed back to the Stone Age. They are smart enough to know this, anyone with nukes is. (Accept maybe North Korea, which no one seems to care about)
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I don't know i mean shouting death to America really gives me trust issues.
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You know more people shout death to Iran in America.

56% of Iranians have positive feelings about the u.s 

all those stupid anti u.s protests you see are goverment run ones. And in Iran, no one listens to the goverment. (Accept the conservatives) sadly these silly protests that only have a few thousand people get planted all over TV, as if it's the whole country doing it, when most don't give a fuck.
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Ok well that makes me feel a little better.
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Ok why does the smoke-stack look like the one from CNPP Reactor #4?
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Even if they do develop nukes (which I HOPE they will never be able to do).
This still would not justify US intervention into Iran, since we have nukes and invading a country as punishment for HAVING nukes would be pure hypocrisy, not only that it would give them a legit excuse to fight back.
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hahaha...oh wait, you're serious? because the Iranian government is so trustworthy and loving, that likes to kill off homosexuals and repress it's people...okay...
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BOTH governments are corrupt, US with its military intervention into the middle east which lead to over 100,000 civilian and over 6,000 US troop deaths. But point of the matter is there is very little (if any) evidence that Iran has nuclear weapons, even the CIA agrees with me on this.
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And the US government is so awesome too. Its War on Terror campaign has killed millions of civilians, oh wait, this is the US we're talking about, so it's ok.
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Was it really millions? I thought it was like 117,000 or something like that.
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I would like to inform you of one detail that you obvious don't seem to get, and many people don't get either. Terrorists are civilians you dult. they are not an official military force, they are men and women, and even children right off the street who set out to cause harm to everyone and anyone around them, but they are none the less civilians.

so those millions of 'civilians' you're talking about most certainly are civilians, even when they are building IEDs, picking up AK47s, and shooting at soldiers. and the civilians who were in the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001 were ALSO Civilians.
The irony is that the countries that say that Iran is bad for having nukes,already have their own nukes,which should make them bad too,if nukes is what makes a country bad.
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and the idiocy of your remark is...well the idiocy of it. Iran isn't bad because it has Nukes, Iran is bad because of what they would DO with Nukes. Yes, the U.S.A., Russia, Britten, China, Japan, any number of other countries indeed posses Nukes. However it only two two uses of them for each and everyone one of those countries to respect the power these weapons have. Iran does not respect the power, and responsibility that comes with these weapons, and will use them at a moments notice.

Learn the facts before speaking.
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Hahaha you're funny. What evidence do you have to support your theory that Iran will misuse its nuclear power? When has any Iranian official said anything about using them to harm anyone? Well, at least they're not like the USA that bombed Japan just for fun and killed thousands. It's really really sad how people like you are just victims of media, the puppets of the media. They give you a fake image to make you believe what they want you to. And that's really low and sad.
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I don't know but allowing crazy religious people to control the power of the Atom which was a Germanic-Anglo invention that everyone ripped off to suit their needs is never a good idea ,Also the ones who created the originals should have a say in it's distribution and sells Nuclear Technology is a mostly Anglo Invention making it their property. Also we didn't drop those two nuclear weapons on Japan for fun but for Revenge for the war crimes like "Rape" "Mass Graves" "Cannibalism Yes that did happen disgusting i know but people get desperate when rations run low" "Human experimentation" Massacres and forced labor camps you get where i'm going with this.
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I would like to inform you on one very huge mistake in your counter. America did NOT bomb Japan for FUN. IN case you slept through history class, we were in the middle of WORLD FUCKING WAR TWO, and hundreds of thousands of American soldiers had already paid the ultimate price in the fight against a country that AMBUSHED us, or have you conveniently forgotten PEARL HARBOR? While I don't agree with the use of Nukes in any situation, I at least understand why the US chose to use them, to end the war. Get your facts straight before trying to insult someone, because my grandfather and great grandfather sure as fucking HELL didn't put their lives on the line in numerous wars to protect your worthless ass so you could insult their sacrifices.

and in case you're deaf blind AND dumb, the only Media that actually reports anything that isn't left wing hippy supporter would be Fox News, and even them I could care less to watch, ALL the media is bios and full of BS, which is why I honestly don't watch any news media. 

The fact that the first thing out of your mouth is laughter followed by insulting the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect your worthless ass, sometimes paying the ultimate price, is what's "Really low and sad" you neo nazi unamerican conscientious objector.
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In the middle of World War Two? I think you need to get your facts straight because the bombing happened in Aughust when Japan was already militarily destroyed by June. After Germany capitulated, Japan knew that the UK and USA were going to put all their forces against Japan. So Japan was planning on a way to end the war. And that's when, without a warning the US just decides to drop a bomb and kill HUNDRED OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS. 
And just so you know, the US knew before the bombing that Japan was going to surrender, because they intercepted messages between Japanese officials who were discussing it. 
There you go. Your history class. Well actually mine, because this is exactly what we're studying in history class right now.
And also, don't think that the Japanese still don't suffer from the bombing, because my cousin went a couple of years ago to Japan and today's generations are still suffering from the radiation caused by the bomb. NOTHING JUSTIFIES THE USE OF SUCH A HORRIBLE WEAPON AND ESPECIALLY AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLE.

And sorry, but I don't know any of your American media, but it's obvious that the people who live where I do are all propaganda-fed by the media here. That's why I also don't watch the news.

And I'm not on the side of the Nazis, I just don't see any justification in the use of the nuclear bombs, so no i am not a "neo nazi unamerican conscientious objector", I just state the facts.
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Wrong Nuclear radiation from a nuclear weapon clears out within a few months the people may be Heavily irradiated but not the area itself take Nuclear Physics you pleb.
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I wasn't talking about the area I was talking about the people themselves....

And no it's not ''may be heavily radiated'' it's ''WERE heavily radiated''.
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Who cares the environment regrew thats all that matters.
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this is silly, and no im not aprooving of usa's goverment
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