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Taliban waits for you

By Latuff2
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Sigh, Latuff, don't cheer for the Taliban, they shot a schoolgirl! She protested against the drones!
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U.S. Soldier = David

Taliban = Goliath
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Oh look a Baathist. You Iraqi Ba’athist or Syrian Baathist
I'm none of your fucking business Ba'athist.
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Well your the one that decided to respond to my old comment in the first place
You said the poor an untrained and poorly equipped taliban are goliath which is dumb to say the least.
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Because they are very hard to remove Islamic Jihadist groups and they have tons of cells which make them Goliath
They're fighting in their own country for their own land they didn't cross the seas in order to invade another nation and destroy its infrastructure...
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This is so perfectly done it describes perfectly the entire war :), great work really impressive Wink/Razz Nod +fav !
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The image of how the Taliban is part of the land is truly an authentic interpretation of their method of warfare :nod: and excellent piece :D
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Impressive work.
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:/ Latuff, do you support the taliban..?
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He supports the Islamic terror group known as the Taliban because he supports Islamic terrorist groups
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not sure U.S invasion will work....Britain tried 3x to tame Afghanistan and failed, Russia (later Soviet Union) tried 4x and failed miserably. Arguably geography is one of the main, if not the biggest issue in this war. Neither side will "win"
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we aren't invading Afghanistan to fight the army or government, we are invading to take down the militias located within the country, US is on afghan's side so we most likely aren't going to fail anytime soon.
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The Soviets also Invaded and were fighting "Militias". American Troops are not Trained for Afghanistans Geo, unlike the Taliban which use it as their advantage. 
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Osama is dead now where the hell is the next mountain filled with those sheet heads.
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Shame on Murderer Taliban
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Latuff, 테러희생자들에게 부끄럽지도 않나요?
great picture, if a little romantic. I dont think the average afghan is having such a great time these days and I am guessin the next visitors are going to be our friends from China.
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Well they got Bin Laden. But there are many mountains left to conquer.
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bin laden is taliban
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