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Superman found dead in Iraq

By Latuff2
High resolution version for printing purposes here: [link]
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thelurkerwholurks's avatar
And the Yazidis and the Kurds get to suffer from these 'freedom fighters.' The caliphate of oppression will continue to do what it does best, kill and destroy.
Devildart's avatar
i know the meaning behind this image...but all i can pay attention to is that someone killed superman and that makes me really happy
cthulhufhtagn1987's avatar
This is ridiculous. The Iraqi army had their asses handed to them in a matter of weeks. And you think a clown with a AK (It couldn't even seriously harm a normal armored car VIP use to drive around in Hollywood, let alone a standard armored military vehicle) could harm the man of friggin steel? You got problems with Saddam being 6 feet under? Had he not killed enough Shiites and Kurds? And has this moron shot him with an magical flesh-decaying bullet or why is his friggin flesh gone? It takes some months for a corpse to lose all flesh and turn into skull and bones! You fail biology forever! This pic is ridiculous! YOU SUCK.
MonkeyMacMan's avatar
what if he had an ak full of crytonite (not sure on spelling), bullets?? think about it
cthulhufhtagn1987's avatar
Where the hell does get some two-bit Arab insurgent kryptonite bullets?! They rare and more expensive then gold in the series!
TheArtisticGenius's avatar
It's not the look of the picture that matters, the artist was trying to send a message out there. I guess you failed to see the main message the artist stamped in, since you're blabbing out about biology, which has nothing to do with political comics. And the one person with the AK 47 or whatever represents the Iraqi people, not just one dude with a gun. Also, it doesn't matter that Superman in the comics is practically armored like steel, Superman in this comic represents America, of course. I don't mean to be rude, but you're kind of over reacting over the drawing instead of the main message.

I didn't mean to argue or anything, just so you know... :)
cthulhufhtagn1987's avatar
I DO see the political message, and I DO see that the author sucks at both. And NO, the Iraqi couldn't even kick Iran's ass, what makes you think they could kick the US' ass?
CaptainMazda's avatar
You don't know history, you can't type properly, and a simple cartoon makes you froth at the mouth.

Typical uneducated israhelli, go murder some more Palestinian kids.
cthulhufhtagn1987's avatar
Not really, and I'm nor Israeli either... Not yet, that is. And murdering Arab kids is a field of activity of the Hamas and their buttbuddies, the Hisbollah.
TheArtisticGenius's avatar
The Iraq War wasn't even a war, it was an invasion. Do you think the Iraqis were prepared to lose 1,700,000 of it's civilians to the American troops in the next ten years after? I don't think so. And what does Iran and Iraq's relationship have to do with this picture..?
cthulhufhtagn1987's avatar
The point is, the US is neithier dead nor defeated, that is.
TheArtisticGenius's avatar
At least, not yet they aren't. Foreign relations, ties to nations, economy, trust, money... all of it is decreasing and has been decreasing faster in the last decade than ever before. Before you know it, economy is going to plummet, and the U.S. is going to reach a high-top on their debt. They all know it's coming, and so do we.
TMystery's avatar
However the Iraq conflict was a free for all - The imperialism of the Bush administration was exposed as being flawed, but it's not a simply US vs. Iraq conflict - there were many, many groups of people fighting each other.
TMystery's avatar
I like seeing stories where Superman, the supposedly invincible hero, dies.

Back when I was really young, I made a comic where a friggin' mook throws Superman off a bridge and into an infinite sea of acid.
MrTenma's avatar
That invincibility depends on who's writing him sadly.
TMystery's avatar
Sounds right - it makes Superman a difficult vidoe game character, so I can see why it's messed with
Have you read "The Death of Superman"? A bus driver in high school let me see an issue
MrTenma's avatar
There's a reason I prefer DC Animated Universe Superman, not totally invincible, has weaknesses that are taken advantage of, and Paul Dini does a good job of making him more easily related to
TMystery's avatar
That would be interesting to see! If I recall correctly, Superman was meant to be simple wish fulfillment for adolescent boys when he was first created, but I wonder if changing tastes means that the character has to be adapted to modern times in certain ways?
MrTenma's avatar
He didn't start out that way to be wholly honest. He was always meant to be well the upstanding good guy, and well to be honest some writers tended to forget he wasn't about powers and throwing buses and shit. But just the good guy who didn't care where you were from, if he could help. He would. But all anyone ever sees is OMFG he knocked that guy through 8 buildings, or OMFG he just got shot by a tank round. At his core being Supes is still good guy here, just fans will see what they want to see...which sadly is his powers, or that somehow he's tied to American imperialism or some such nonesense, despite him saying he's here to help EVERYONE
TMystery's avatar
That makes sense! Now, I understand some people tried to make him as a video game character. Superman 64 comes to mind. Do you think that there are any Superman games that successfully capture the character?
Ah yes. Because we've completely crushed the nation, taken everything remotely of value in it, and burned everything we didn't need. Thats why we are spending 100's of times more money in that nation than any value we will EVER get out of it.

If we were in Iraq for Oil, I daresay we are doing a SHITTY job of getting it.

I'd just go where the Oil was, pay people to bring it up, and kill everyone who tried to stop me, if I wanted the Oil.

Why pay for what you are strong enough to take?

Oh yes, thats right. It's because if we are there for something other than "Good intentions" its sure as frak not Oil.
Imperator-Zor's avatar
Bullets can not harm superman
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