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Speak out against Iraq War

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Speak out against the war in Iraq. Good thought, but What about the genocides, wars and violence in Africa, Southern Asia, the Philippines, South America, and anywhere else that has a revolving door of petty dictators and warlords that infest so much of our world? How many people, Americans and the world abroad, know anything about a lot of these conflicts? What makes Iraq so peculiarly special? Because it's an American war? Or just the most recent and most public at the moment? I like the piece, don't get me wrong, but the implications are much broader than they're given credit for. Such a limiting intent makes the feel seem more like complaining about the issue as compared to actually moving towards solving it, but I suppose that's just my take on it.
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Sad, yet truthful and powerful piece.
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It's cool, I don't get it. It also kinda looks like clip art. ._.
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hmmm..not only iraq .. it can be valid for palestine too :tears:
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I think MLK would agree (Letter from Birmingham Jail).
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this is excellent
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true and sadly ;[
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Simple yet so very powerful...
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um dos melhores ...
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Very cool. Great message.

- Fre-Lanz
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Cada vez mais estás-te a tornar o artista que eu mais admiro aqui no dA...
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bush wont listen it.. cause he had a serious deaf.. even his ppl scream at him....had no cock to present at dialogue..

hehe..i always mad when something remind me 'bout that bastard..

like usual great works brother latuff...
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Well done. I agree.
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brilliant. i salute you.
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good idea. good work.
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