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Six dead in US campus shooting

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Dressed in black, the tall, white, skinny assailant, identified as Stephen Kazmierczak an ex-student of the Northern Illinois University, emerged from behind a screen on the stage of a lecture hall with two handguns and a pump action shotgun hid in a guitar case and sprayed bullets on the startled students without saying a word, officials and eye witnesses said.
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sanloboHobbyist General Artist
when did this happan?
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Pewitt0JackProfessional General Artist
its a fucked up world we live in
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TheArtisticGeniusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Indeed it is.
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Why does this bother you people?

Humans kill humans.
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TheArtisticGeniusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well killing humans isn't...human...

People shouldn't harm others, or themselves for that fact. Like they say in my religion, "when someone kills one person, it is like they have killed all of humanity". Not sure if you would get that saying, but it pretty much means killing is a HUGE sin.
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Any anti-gun person can shove it. a gun is a tool. if a house is built and it falls apart you blame the builder not the hammer. most gun owners in the united states use their weapons legally for hunting or sports shooting, etc. any one whos says we should get rid of guns all together is an imbecile, since even if you remove guns from the equation all together people would end up dieing any ways. people have been killing eachother for thousands of years and elimanating one way of killing will just lead to another way of killing. america was founded with a bill of rights and i respect these. we were given the right to bear arm. though i also respect the right to free speech so you can go ahead and say what you want to. anyone bashing america and our rights you can piss off.
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HooHa-ManStudent Writer
Wow. Talk about some long debates in the comments section of this illustration. Though the topic brought up does beggar a lot of questions regarding firearms in the United States.

And ~fbarok, your responses to Plaguedog have repeatedly shifted focus onto other things barely relating to the specifics you were writing about for two posts ago. He is absolutely right in saying that you're not even reading his responses.
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Teachers and doctors who give children Prozac and/or Ritilin should be put under death row for future endangerment such as this.
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SuzieQ181218 Photographer
I live right down the street from Cole Hall, and this is such a tragic event. This picture depicts everything so well...
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WerterSkelterNOW Traditional Artist
isso foi pesado...
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I go to Northern Illinois University and live right across the street from where this all took place... this is a stunning and probably accurate portrayal of the horror taking place that day.
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Its a shame. Response time was faster to this. I dont care. I rather die in a shooting than have increased security on my school campus, i dont want to sacrifice my freedom for safety. These are freak events. and if i die. so be it. People who are going to cause destruction, will cause it. you can stall it. but you cant stop it.
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It is almost as if you believe in the principles that America was founded upon. What a novel idea, indeed! It is shameful what America has done to the ideas and dreams of those great men and women who died so that we may be free.
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DrGMHobbyist General Artist
another negative point for the free world
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The Free World is neither free, nor a world.
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DrGMHobbyist General Artist
100% yes
but ironically they do feel "the free world" by insulting and being rude with Islam and Muslims around the globe
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Almost funny that there's no real gun control in america and several school shootings occur each year and yet in Canada, we have proper control and registry and thus we've had fewer school shootings in our history than america has had in the last couple of years.
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Of all the guns used in crimes committed in the United States, 95% were purchased or acquired illegally. Background checks and the like shouldn't be taken lightly, but at the same time citizens should have the right to arm themselves. If a criminal wants to get a gun, he will.
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Now where do you think those illegally obtained guns came from? Overseas? No need! Almost all of them would be stolen. Many people in the U.S. buy guns to protect themselves and then keep them in very easily stolen places, like handbags, briefcases, and desk drawers. They feed a huge underground market of stolen guns.

Ironically, the very guns that are purchased to protect a person or family may end up stolen and used against this same group!

Learn to grow up and live in a civilised society without guns, America. It's not the wild west any more.
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That's the fault of the arms bearers for not securing their weapons, not the criminal. But besides that, there are a good number that come into the country illegally (especially through Mexico). Crime will never disappear because human beings are imperfect, and therefore societies are imperfect. By taking away the rights of the common citizen to protect themselves, it makes them easier targets for the criminals.
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There are other ways to protect yourself besides a gun. What I'm talking about is taking dangerous weapons out of the hands of people who have no real need for them. As well as being stolen, guns in the hands of citizens are also used in domestic disputes, suicides, etc. They are very dangerous weapons. Unlike most other weapons (e.g knives, bats, etc), they're not human-powered. When that trigger is pulled, whatever the gun is pointed at will receive a shitload of kinetic energy. This makes a gun the "great leveller" but it also means there's no room for mistakes or fits of passion.

I don't believe that such dangerous weapons belong in the hands of ordinary citizens in a civilised society. There are lots of countries around the world that make do without lots of guns. Their crime rates aren't zero - I'm not claiming that they're perfect - but they also don't have huge problems with crime like some gun advocates claim would happen. But then there's also countries with lots of guns and nowhere near the gun problem of the U.S. In most of those cases I think the guns are mostly rifles used for hunting and self-protection in the wilderness. The real problem with the gun culture in the U.S. is the self-serving fear-mongering by politicians (needing votes), the media (needing advertising revenue), and various lobbyist groups (needing power and relevance) - most notorious being the NRA. They scare everyone into thinking that scary people are out to get them and they need a gun.

Like I said, many countries get by without being armed to the teeth. They still have trouble with crime, but I think that's mostly a different issue (you don't need a gun to commit a crime). And their governments aren't oppressing them.
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It sounds like you are basing your argument on the assumption that guns kill people, when in fact, people kill people. Would a "domestic dispute, suicide, etc" have a different outcome if the individuals were carrying knives, bats, or what have you? Not really, because the weapon is a tool, and it is the person who is at fault. True, the gun takes less work to get the job done, but like I said, if a criminal wants to get a gun, he will, and taking away my right to arm myself with another weapon of equal or greater power puts me at a disadvantage.

"They scare everyone into thinking that scary people are out to get them and they need a gun." So people who shoot up schools don't fit this category? What about rapists? Murderers? There are people out there who would take advantage of me if given the chance, that's why I appreciate the right to protect myself with a firearm. And while we're on the topic of fear, what about the media who uses the same fear mongering to convince people that gun bans are good? That if the government doesn't confiscate every firearm, more atrocities will take place? Gun rights are only half of issue when it comes to crime rates, the other half comes from how the society functions (drugs, gangs, etc).
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I aggree. at the risk of sounding like my born again christian psycho dad, once you take away the arms of a people, the governement knows they have no one to fear, the facism arises.
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That's the second reason why the founders endowed us with the right to bear arms; so that we could challenge the government if they overstepped their bounds.
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