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Rising oil, food prices

Editorial cartoon to be published in "Aristera" Communist paper in Greece: [link]

High resolution version for printing purposes here: [link]
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You can nit-pick about the description of the rich man as much as you like. But I think this cartoon, overall, frames the situation extremely well: The rich and powerful are making a killing (literally) through oil speculation (which is not all that different than the gambling table), and no matter how the dice rolls the rich win and the poor lose.

Another excellent cartoon, Latuff!
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I guess this will worsen with the bio-etanol crops. The corn and the wheat are so expensive now...
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Not so sure why you made the rich man white (seeing as the richest guy in the world is the King of Saudi Arabia).
But I do like the way you potrayed idea.
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the richest men in the world are located in the G8
which 100% are white
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How does that mean that white people in general are rich? And what is the G8, pray tell?
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France, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada.
those are the richest countries with highest industries around the world
in addition to "+5" countries which are the highest developing countries
Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa.

all other countries cannot be considered as rich due to the VERY LOW GDP = gross domestic production
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It would also be wise to take into consideration that countries with mostly "white" populations have developed faster (due to empires seeking out new lands in the past, and industry mostly) while other countries have been taken over in the past by these countries, thus the time these countries have had to gain wealth hasn't been near as long as countries with "white" population (most of these countries weren't entirely fair to those who they conquored and warfare has broken out because of this, that also tends to set things back as war can be very expensive in more than one way). I think the US is a bit of an exception, mainly because of the ideas of freedom and democracy were people at the bottom of the "class scale" had more of a chance to move up, while in other countries monarchy was still the story (they caught on, i.e. French Revolution).
Give those developing countries time (China, I'm looken' at you), I'm confident they'll catch up quick. I really don't think you could consider Chinese or Japanese "white" as they're not of Europian decent. So I think the 100% is a bit of an exageration.
But the countreis you listed as the G8 aren't exactly comunists (thank the Lord above), hence the welth isn't spready very evenly (I'm not even so sure that everything was so "equal" in strictly comunist countries). So alot of these people aren't what you'd really consider rich.

Though, thank you for telling me about the G8. That was a term I'd never herd before.
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that's true ...
and you are welcome
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Saudis ARE "white".
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Considering their environment (LOTS of sun *pant*) they're brownish, more so than the "white" people (who burn far more easily^^).
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i meant because they are rich and make billions along with the west (whites)
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Oh, wow. You sure fell for a steriotype. Myself and the VAST majoraty of people I know (and people they know, and people they know, ect.) are proud to be middle class. Thousands of people, no, MILLIONS of people who have never seen six zeros in their bank total.
That statement's pretty dadgum unfair, you know. It would be equally unfair for me to say that all black people are brilliant in sports, or that all asians are perfect learners and brain wizzes. Those are what we call steriotypes, and more often than not, they're rather wrong.
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Im not talking about all arabs or all muslims which seems to be how youre taking my statement. My response was to the "richest man in the world being a Saudi", it may be a stereotype but the fact that 90% of saudis are related to oil and or oil MONEY which is in turn related to MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of dollars is a solid substantiate for a stereotype. Atleast the one I made.
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I still don't see how you connect them to being white, as they are not.
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i already explained it.
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this is so hard to look at. It makes me feel like i have so little power. I have two kids, and i have CRIED when its time to buy food for the house. I cant bear knowing that innocent, starving children all over the world have to put up with these dice games. They shouldn't have to.
What can we do, Latuff? How can we change this?? :tears:
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abortion has existed for as long as humankind has, and it has obviously NOT solved the root of the problem. It is unbelievable that corruption been as visible as it is, people like you still believe "the problem is overpopulation". I do believe abortion should be legal, but a) it won't reduce population b) it won't solve any conflicts.
Killing won't solve starvation, and as i write this, dozens of children have painfully died because of megalomaniac governors, psychotic greed of capitalism and the selfish minds of society.
Minds like yours.
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Why is it "unbelievable"? Corruption is a standard tactic in society. Nothing new or old.

And the problem IS infact over population. The world simply cant handle any more humans. Especially the garbage we create thats flooding the planet with shit on every degree possible.
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So i assume you also agree with world wars. I mean, after all, they "clean up" the earth of shit-people. Right?

And if i am right, then world wars should have solved "the problem" by now. And i guess corruption, greed, bad politics, multimillionaire presidents, industries and dictators, obesity, and war ALL HAVE TO DO WITH OVERPOPULATION.

What a simplistic mind.
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what war ever cleaned up anything? War does just the opposite, leaving years of disability and poverty that takes years to readjust. The more people you have the more inevitable war is.
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Thank you. War simply leaves "disability" and "poverty", however it kills dozens, hundreds, thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of human beings, so, if you were correct, that should solve the problem. I mean, if the problem WAS population. But it clearly isn't. The quantity of lives is not the problem; it is the quality of those lives that are or are not given to them as they deserve.
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