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Obama's Iraq 'withdrawal'

By Latuff2
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Whats with all your anti-Israel comments being turned off? Afraid of what people will say?
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I bet he had a reason, like (zionist-) trolls or people who give no fucks about human life.
Or the fact that he can't handle any argument against his own opinion on Israel?
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Could be too ( it's just not more likely than any other option)
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coming soon: Fuck off B'rack Obama, yer na in Alabama!
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Sorry but you have the wrong person Dude.
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I have to say, you're quite the propaganda minister. Half your political "statements" don't even allow comments for fear of people pointing out how you are white washing things.
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Obama: the Troll president.
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some people can never undstand
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In 2005 it's was Bush's fault.
In 2008 it's was Obama's fault.
In 2012 it's America as a whole's fault.
Some people are never content.
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whats up you all I mean come on We are keeping that shit hole stable
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true. a smiling face and the world buys whatever Obama has to say.
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Amazing! Spot on.
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I can't understand why american people first wanted a change for the better, and when Obama does what everyone is hoping him to do (and as far as I know he's done a lot of good things changing things for the better), but it's all wrong or not good for the americans.
And it's only some 35 000 soldiers left there, maybe he was adviced to leave some behind. Even when as a president, you can't do just whatever you want. But I like your art anyways :)
Could you please list the "good things " Obama has done. Because as far as I can see, the only thing he has accomplished is create record deficits for years to come and dumping trillions of dollars in debt on the next generation in the first year of his term.
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Cuban Thaw
Improved relations with foreign countries
The withdraw of US Troops from Iraq
Ended the policies of what Bush had installed.
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i agree but he did in 4 years what bush did in eight
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Wasn't it Bush who in the first place made such a mess of the USA economy and took loans for warfare? Obama is trying to fix all that (as far as I can tell), and I have heard that he is trying to change the healthcare-situation for the better, and also he is shutting down the Guantanamo-prison.
As far as I can tell, he's trying to fix things and be more diplomatic. Of course I can't be absolutely certain that he is on the side of the common folk, and wants peace for the world, but I am still hopeful.
The economic mess we are in is a result of Democrats pushing through a bill that forced banks to give loans to people so they can buy houses, even though they could not afford those houses and had little or no credit. This happened in the late 70s and late 90s. Another reason is decades of deregulation by Republicans that led to exploitation of the market by big business. Both parties are to blame, but Bush is not solely responsible.

A few things I would like to ask you.

1. What is there to gain from closing down Guantanamo Bay? Where are we going to put all those terrorists, especially high-ranking ones like Khalid Sheik Mohammed?

2. How is nationalized healthcare (waiting months for simple things like MRIs, paying higher taxes to fund government-run health care, and the Feds choosing your doctors for you) a good thing?
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Yeah, well I guess that's a problem in many countries now (including mine).

I understood that there's not only terrorists there, but also people who are only suspected to be involved in terrorism.

It's a system that works in many countries quite well. In my country it's quite good system too. I am more than happy to pay for it, because I and everyone else benefits from it a lot. I have the impression that because not everyone in USA can afford to pay the medical bills or not everyone has a health-insurance, they just hope that they wouldn't get sick. And I have heard that a disease like cancer can become so expensive, that people suffer more from just trying to pay their bills and have enough money to live, than they would suffer from their disease. I think american-people have for some reason quite bad image about that health care system that works more better for the common folk. Of course the wealthy wouldn't have any problems with expensive bills.
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China has staged celebrations of a Tibetan holiday to try and fool the world into thinking it's people are happy when none of them have the means or will to celebrate. The president of zambian threw a birthday party worth a few thousand dollars (or a few million in their currency) even after hearing economic aid was denied to his country. The leader of the RNC fabricated in words an act of heroism to win favor.

...and all you can think to make fun of is the first good news Iraqi's get in a while?
What did Michael Steele say to gain "heroism" and win "favor"?
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