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Obama and the US elections

High resolution version for printing purposes here: [link]
And here: [link]

To be published in the alternative Swedish paper Läsarnas Fria Tidning: [link]
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Nice to come across some political cartoons on here.. not too many that I've seen or paid attention to..kinda makes me want to read foreign newspapers....if only i could.
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Mas, convenhamos, McCain também cumpriu um papel histórico importante; a candidatura dele bloqueou setores da direita americana muito piores do que ele, tais como os fanáticos religiosos... como se diz, "dos males, o menor"...
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Obama wont continue the misery. ^^

He take the sword away that causes so much pain! XD
He wont let it stuck into the world. xD
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you're so naive :lol:
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I guess this is a little pesimistic... Give time to the time...
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things could very well be different this time.
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Awesome work! I featured this deviation on my journal. :+favlove:
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I dont understand you latuff, why the hostility towards Obama? Or is it? IS he pulling the sword of imperialism out?
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:icondarthvaderplz: I find your lack of faith disturbing.

C'mon... he promises he's going to sit with the Castros, Hugo Chavez and have a nice talk, he's promising to withdraw the US troops from Iraq ASAP and he's still under fire from the true conservatives that accuse him of being socialist (Who knows? He may apply some socialist kind politics).

What else do you want from this guy?
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agreed, i personally view this as him taking the sword OUT
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Well the drawing here doesn't show exactly what's the action, if it's taking out the sword or putting it in but looking at latuff's previous works you get the idea that this is not suppoussed to show Obama in a positive way. Which I find awesomely odd 'coz Obama is like completely different from Bush, McCain and the rest of the typical neo-conservative republicans.

I actually believe Obama is going to change US foreign policy for good. I also believe that Obama will attempt to engage in negotiations with US foes like Iran, Venezuela, Cuba among others in order to reduce the tension and the verbal conflict with each other.

But I don't hold up much hopes that it'll work. Guys like Chavez, the Castros and the other leaders are highly depedendant on antagonising the USA.

Hell even if Martin Luther King was president they'll still attack the US with the same rethoric.
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I've noticed this ridiculous Camelot mythology as well, just like they used to describe the Kennedy years. Theirs some problem there.
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you straight up legend
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Gane quien gane, nosotros perdemos!!!
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very very gooooooood
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To be stabbed by Obama or shot by McCain? Today we'll find out.
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un hijo de puta por otro ;(
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Least he is the lesser evil...
Ernesto-Che-Guevara's avatar
Sorry NO! When you justify the choice of two evils, you are only putting a legitimate face on evil. Evil is evil! Fascism is fascism. To say you are better off living under Mussolini than Hitler is stupid!
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What would you like? Bush being re-elected for third time?

Is there a single person who has a chance to be a president?
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To me it looks more like he is pulling the sword out of the stone like king arthur. But then again, uncle sam looks as evil as always as merlin.
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Yeap, that is why I believe Carloss is trying to portray him as an evil person... Though he is much better than Cain who is too old and too similar to Bush...
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