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Obama and Iran

By Latuff2
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Artwork originally produced for Iranian newspaper Jame-Jam.
High resolution version: [link]
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Bravissimo!Adoro i tuoi disegni!
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Good art but highly pessimistic statement, I wonder where's the political art for the reaction of Obama pushing up the nuclear deal is? Being cynical isn't insightful. 
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i like the cards in his hands hahaha
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Obama is no angel but, in the end, he's just a scapegoat for all the shit Bush has done to the world.
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Although I am highly critical of Obama, because he has committed countless human rights violations which are comparable to what we define as "war crimes" I'd say that the fact that Romney lost is a relief.
Romney would have been more likely to get us into a war with Iran.
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Obama wouldn't actually do half of that, and if he did the news wouldn't tell anyone. I mean seriously, has anyone ever seen him do a shot of whiskey?
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I wonder what does the poker chips represents
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I think you should ignore the people with negative comments.......why would someone ask if you support Al-Qaeda? Obama approved of the 'Search and Destroy' of Taliban insurgents and killed a lot of innocent people because of it.
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what are sanctions and embargo?
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Iran is EVIL. And yes, it would be unrealistic to not have war as an option. Does Latuff support Al-Qaeda and 9/11?
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Do you support the unwarranted invasion of Iraq under false pretences, and the slaughter of it's citizens?
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No. No. And no. Saddam had to go. But the guy that the CIA used as evidence to invade Iraq, as it turns out, was lying about the WMDs. His codename was Curveball. And plus, the USA never wanted so many casualties to happen. It spiraled out of control. That's why I opposed the handling of the war. We should have had stricter Rules of Engagement, less incompetent leaders, and we should have gone to war for a different purpose: To end Saddam's oppressive regime and to bring Iraq it's first Democratic government. We couldn't have just stood by and watch Saddam kill those Shiites and Kurds after those 90s era rebellions. Now I have a question for you, would you want Saddam's oppressive regime to be allowed to continue, and did you support Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1991?
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Obama and Bush are War crminal and Terorist No. 1
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No, a new war would cost to much for the americans, this they don't wanna try.^^
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It is scary when our president says something like, "all options are on the table". What does that imply? That he is going to declare war on Iran?

I am voting for Obama in the upcoming election because he is the least "evil" of the candidates. However, any candidate if favorable if Obama does declare war.
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there are no war with usa and iran
caz they making deals with shia
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Wow, we both dislike Obama.

I never thought I'd have anything in common with you.
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