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Obama Nobel Peace Laureate

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I love how one of them is a burqa wearing women.So was that his first or second wife shot ;) . P.S I love how you didn't disable comments on this one. It's god to see one you didn't bawwwwwwwwwlock. ~ C
H saw your design and it was really attractive and just beautiful and I think we can share our works and designs here and there. Thanks!
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What I don't get is how our president got a peace prize while waging war.

He's an idiot.
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Does Obama have flaws?  Yes. 

But when you think about it, compared to that war mongrel Bush. He has kept more peace in America :nod: keep in mind he was handed all the problems Bush made. 
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Bush couldn't find Osama in eight years. It only took Obama three years to find Osama.
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Bush is also a war criminal. 
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<font><font class="">No, Mr. President, that Nobel Prize doesn't have chocolate in it.</font></font>
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i just got back from that cesspool of a country about 4 months ago, and i totally think it would be worthy of reward for doing that. what you dont mention, however is that even without us, they've been doing the same thing to each other, more times than not in a far more brutal manner...
Thats "Piece" prize for breaking the world into pieces
To Latuff,

Sir, you are a hypocrite.

Despite your radical ways our heart appears to be in the right place. But you propagate anger and hate and offer no solution. You show rather than tell only your poorly informed opinion. You speak of human rights such as free speech but then you turn around and block all those who contest you. This avoidance of confrontation shows that you fear not only being wrong but those who know better than you on certain topics. If you truly are in the right, then you should debate with those who disagree to turn them onto the correct path, but you run and hide from these people as if fearful of being turned yourself! Such fear should not exist in someone whose cause is just and correct.

I agree with you on some points, but I also agree with your opposition.

How? You may ask.

Because I feel both sides are half correct through excessive analysis and study of the situations. Both have good points and qualities but they also have an equal amount of poor, dangerous and destructive qualities.

If you truly are in the right with strong facts to support you, then stand and fight for the truth rather than preaching corrupt propaganda to your heard of followers to do the fighting for you. (Unless, of course, gathering a group of sheep to hang on your every word for your personal cause with no true base is your overall goal, in which case disregard the entire of the above)

And to those of you eating all of his propaganda without question, you are the perfect examples of the blind, corruptible fools of our world. When you see something like Latuff’s art, look up information on the topic from reliable sources before forming or voicing an opinion. NPR.ORG, BBC.CO.UK, and CNN.COM are all excellent sources Though, each side of the argument demonizes them as corrupt and false for the simple fact that these sources are not reporting bias information to help one side’s cause.

TO a fine but misguided comrade
From a soldier of truth:
May the Ignorant find truth and knowledge,
May the Arrogant be humbled,
And may the Apathetic feel their comrades pains.


PS: Considering Obama's political party in the U.S., he's ANTI-GUN, so this very image is completely null.
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Truth, sir :clap:

While Obama did not deserve the Nobel Prize, he doesn't deserve to be treated in such a derogatory manner by some hate monger's propaganda.
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Not they are not reliable sources.
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WTF, the nobel price was denied to Ganghi two times because he "make a blood bath" in India. Just for deliver to that demagoge mother fucker
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yeah, how DID he get the nobel peace prize? didn't you use to have to do something to get it? i mean, even Al Gore put together a power-point...
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Nobel == dynamite
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And several other innovations in explosives, but he did create the peace prize to help counter the destruction he'd caused in his life.
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man i sure know all that, hence i know about the prize and about the dynamite so i probably know what led into what..yeah?

don't debate every reply it's obvious what i meant isn't literal and is just for the case above
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I know, I just felt the need to say that. Not trying to debate everything--one is enough. But you have just made me consider my social output, thanks! (That might sound sarcastic but it's not)
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He is the "peice" man !!
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Isn't this a bit too harsh?
I think compared to his predecessors, Obama's heading in the right direction ,I also think that it's still too early to award a Nobel Peace Price, though. There's still too much to be done in Afganistan as well as in Iraq.
How is bankrupting America heading in the "right direction"?
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Actually I was referring to his politics in the Middle East and Greater Middle East rather than his attempts to solve the financial crisis.
I'm not living in America so I can't measure how bad the situation is for Americans at the moment and can't discuss Obama's domestic politics as a result.
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