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More troops for Afghanistan

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I like it! This perception is pretty much proof Obama's not a muslim.
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powerful stuff. yet so true, unfortunatelly. obama should be doing a MUCH BETTER job regarding stupid north american wars, he says one thing and does another. it's a joke that he won the nobel peace prize!
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I will try to learn you picture style! Awesome works!
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forget more troops, we need more bombs and UAV strikes for these bastards. im glad my unit killed about a dozen of those fuckheads.
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Ha i like this very nice!!
i love the art work but u shouldnt be so negative towards him i mean its your opinion yes but hes tryin his best to clean up all the shit bush did and that a whole 8 years and thats wat people dnt understand like hes only been in office for a year it takes time and sacrafice to undo all this damage
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Aside from the spelling and grammar errors, you took the words right outta my mouth.
Latuff just hates everything America does. Pay no attention to his propaganda.
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This is so true, great work, well done.
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hahahha cool!

I got angry very much when I knew it of the prize nobel. It is a joke.

OBama is the same shit, with other flies

Cheers from Chile! the another side of the world!
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Jajaja yo pensé que eras de Palestina
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Muy bueno!Simple y directo.La cruda verdad.Me gusta mucho!
Segui dibujando lo que pensas.
Puede que seas solo uno del monton,pero como vos somos un millon!
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I love how Obama has gone from the third coming of Christ to being another Bush. You people are sound so fucking stupid. Jesus.
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and you sound like a waste of time brat, with a big mouth and a Retarded attitude.

Typical American teenager

you have no idea what you are talking about, when all of this started you were still sucking your thumb, educate your self before you talk.
NUMBERtwenty-SIX's avatar
Haw, and you sound like such a judgmental anti-American. I follow politics and am a goddamn Republican, so I never really cared for Obama because I don't agree with his ideas. I'm just saying that it bugs me how everyone was worshiping the guy, and now everyone is saying he's just like Bush was. Just because he wants to send more troops in doesn't make him evil. But I couldn't convince you of anything because I'm sure you like to think that being such an anti-political environmentalist makes you look like a badass. I don't doubt that you're intelligent and well-rounded, but you seem to be quick to judge political leaders.
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well ur r replying to a certain artist's page right?

check out his prior views then
may be non on this page was pro obama but u just assumed

mccain would've only been worse too
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..people sound so fucking stupid.* Woops.
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how a wonderful way of expression..
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Real truth! fav!
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and he gets a noble prize for peace. bullsh*t.
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Thing is, he may be sending in more troops-
But for what? To run away when being fired at? A slaughter house I say!
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our guys dont run when fired at...we waste thousands of rounds till theres nothing left
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