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Message to the Iraq Army

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we are trying to teach them how to govern themselves, protect themselves, so we can go home and get out of your countries. we hate being there almost as much as you do. trust me, those dustbowls do not match our green soils. having Corrupt people in there, people who dont comprehend what justice and fair laws are, is whats holding us up.
Blabla.. started a war to find nuclear weapons that didn't exist. Killing innocent people, destroying our country and crying like a bitch when a soldier returns home in a coffin.

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Eh, it was already a smoldering mess of region by the time we got there. but hey, you keep your crappy place, i like it better in america. like i said, we dont want to be in the armpit of the world. clean up your crap and fix your shit so your people arnt so miserable as to come over here and blow shit up.
This shows you have no knowledge of the history of the Middle East. The Middle East was a "paradise" as quoted by the English, before the American and English came. We never asked for your help so yeah, mind your own business and clean up the crap in your country.

Those people that blew shit up were Saudi's, remember, America's best ally in the middle east? Ha.
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yeah, the middle east used to be a center of Philosophy and knowledge, then Muhammad and his roving band of pillager followers showed up. Many of the great things about the middle east stayed, till the teachings of Mohammad where made even more rigid and oppression reined throughout the land. dont look at me for what the people did to themselves.
Perfect message
hell to U.S
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fahahahah that is what happens when you cant control your contry
أشكر لكم هذا العمل المعبر و الرائع لحال العميل الذي إرتضى لنفسه أن يكون حذائا للمحتل .

اللهم أنصر دولة العراق الغسلامية و أنصار الإسلام .

اللهم آمين
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Actually, it's the other way around in a less "submissive" manner for the lack of a better word. You see, the US will greatly appreciate it if and when Iraq can take care of itself so that we can leave as soon as possible. But since the Sunnis and Shias are still in a Hatfield & McCoy feud, we act as more of a crutch.
I live in Guatemala (Latin America), and believe me that my thoughts and my feelings are always with the Palestinian people here some of my friends call me crazy for supporting the Palestinian cause and hating Israel pity that many people in the world so deaf ears to the clamor of a people hurt suffered and wish you the best.

Robb LaMArc
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sad but true..sigh
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the message is says "Don't be a weak Slave for you Occupiers"
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hmm good one but could you translate the Arabic text? so we could get a better understanding of the message as people who do not know any Arabic :)
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~LostCommando kindly translated it :) "Don't be a weak Slave to your occupiers"
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Thank you very much
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nice message, thanks :)
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Can someone translate it to english? Or maybe Latuff will upload an english version as well?
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~LostCommando kindly translated it :) "Don't be a weak Slave to your occupiers"
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I'm guessing by the flag symbol on his arm that the man restrained by the leash is an Israeli leader.
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