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Karl Marx, The Prophet

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Published: March 5, 2009
To be published by the Sindicato dos Servidores das Justicas Federais no Estado do Rio de Janeiro (SISEJUFE-RJ).

High resolution versions for printing purposes here: [link]

And here: [link]
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Brilliant poster, just finished reading the book the Mexican cartoonist and artist Rius wrote about him
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Fascist people make you believe that is wrong, but it's a lie, always had reason.
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FinnishEcoSocialistHobbyist Interface Designer
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viyazHobbyist Traditional Artist
How about if those capital owners asks for thugs?
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BJCHESTERStudent General Artist
So true.
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This is pretty accurate to what's happening now, lets hope that OCCUPY can stop them.
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i don't have a political stance on this, but it is pretty freaking hilarious
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Capitalism was much, much worse. Especially considering that Russia, Cuba, and North Korea are actually State Capitalism rather than a worker-controlled Communism.
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Master-of-the-BootHobbyist Writer
This is pretty funny. Much of what Marx says is applicable to today and interesting to behold, but sometimes the guy is just wacko.
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Practically being a Marxist, I enjoy this cartoon. However, I don't think that's actually a quote from Das Kapital...*not that I've memorized it or something, heavens no!*

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I really like Latuff's cartoons, i like Karl Marx too, infact i'm a marxist, but this quote does not belongs to Kapital and does not belongs Karl Marx. This is a bogus quote.

read this;

Many blogs posted this Karl Marx quote lately and some people get it via forwarded emails and text messages:

Owners of capital will stimulate working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until their their debt becomes unbearable. The unpaid debt will lead to bankruptcy of banks which will have to be nationalized and State will have to take the road which will eventually lead to communism.
Karl Marx, Das Kapital, 1867

Sounds really good, doesn’t it? It’s like he’s about to say “and then Barack Obama will come as save the day with his renewable energy masterplan!”

However, when searching through the Das Kapital book this quote is nowhere to be found. Where did it come from? Nostradamus maybe? (It was Trzisno resenje to spot the oddity first.)

update a reader solves the mystery in the comments below:

LOL says: The whole and real quote is “The owners of capital will stimulate the need of the working class to take expensive, collateral loans to buy their condos, houses and technological products; and, at the end, these unpaid debts will result in the nationalization of the banks upon their bankrupcy, and so the state will be on the pathway to communism” and belongs to Pat Caufield of the Department of Education in a satyrical United States who started a re-education programme for kids to prepare the transition to communism

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If you had told Marx on his deathbed that the first and largest country to embrace communism would be russia, he'd have laughed in your face. His plan was for a state to first be a democracy, and then make the next logical step into socialism. That way there would be a base of money and good will to work off of.
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BurroDiabloHobbyist Digital Artist
This is very true, you can't carry out the 'redistribution of wealth' when there's not much wealth to begin with. He intended Communism for the already economically powerful countries of the era such as Britain and Germany, not primarily agrarian countries like Russia and China, both tried to skip the Capitalism stage and violently enforced Communism (rather than gradually embracing it) and ended up starving millions to death.
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Glad to see somebody agrees.
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oh my god! Evil-Stan, BurroDiablo! You absolutely right!

Did somebody knows, that Lenin in 1921 founded NEP (capitalism in fact)? [link]
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my goodness, i had no idea
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The prophet of doom, amirite?

Dude, he was a frickin' commie. He would say anything to get asspats.
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You say communism as if it's something bad.
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please read something about communism...he was not only a communist, he was one scientists who create the idea of communism.
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he was also very displeased with the interpitations people made out of his work
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