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Israel exports oppression by Latuff2 Israel exports oppression by Latuff2
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Last update - 13:58 08/01/2010

Brazil under fire for spending $350 million on Israeli drones

By Cnaan Liphshiz, Haaretz Correspondent

The anticipated use of Israeli-made drones by Brazilian police Tuesday drew criticism from a prominent ruling party politician. It also prompted social activists to seek greater cooperation with Palestinian movements to protest the "importation of Israeli oppression."

The sale of Israeli drones to Brazil "confirms that Israel draws indirect benefits from the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories," Valter Pomar, secretary of international relations for the leftist Workers Party (PT), told Haaretz.

Pomar said he disagreed with the "democratically-reached" decision to equip Brazilian police with drones used as part of what he termed "Israel's illegal and illegitimate actions."

"It is symptomatic that Brazil imports tactics and equipment from Israel, an ultra-militarized country which keeps an entire population under military occupation," said Mauricio Campos, a spokesman for the Network of Communities and Movements against Violence.

He added that the network - a prominent grassroots organization which sprang up six years ago in Rio's poor favelas, or shantytowns - will discuss the pending sale on Thursday, during a general meeting. "Without doubt, we will make our voices heard over this," Campos told Haaretz.

His group has organized various events to protest Israel's policies and what the network called "genocidal attacks" on Palestinians.

The discussion on Thursday of the drone sale was scheduled after Brazilian media reported last week that Rio's state police force is considering buying six Israeli Skylark I unmanned aerial vehicles to combat rampant crime.

In November, during President Shimon Peres' state visit to Brazil, Israel and Brazil sealed a $350 million deal for the supply of 14 Israeli Heron UAVs to several Brazilian law enforcement agencies.

That deal was completed weeks after a drug gang from a Rio favela shot down a police helicopter with a short range rocket.
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LizzyChrome Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh. It's you. 
WhatD Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017
Also y u block comments on most pics? Cant tolerate free speech?
123456789JD Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018
Because this person is a cuck that can't comprehend that people have different opinions outside of his own. 
WhatD Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017
Why do you assume everyone who supports Israel is a bigot, and wants to murder people?
Sniper108 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
tem ideia do terror que o crime organizado impõe nas pessoas, anarquista otário
os assassinatos bárbaros que eles praticam  
um monte de policial morreu pra livrar sua cara estupida dos criminosos
então cala a boca e mostre respeito    
reiler12 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
Hahaha. Esquerdista de merda doente mental,com esse pensamento de oprimido,mais um idiota útil! Você pode ser salvo,deixe de ser idiota o vai se ferrar.
Roccodog1 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
aedan122 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
you very very idiot!
plzwork112234 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Fuck you you bring arabs to shame
ugess Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011
if you don't live hear you don't have a right to judge us and if you do then get out no one wants you
Attorney-At-Law Featured By Owner May 23, 2011
You're right. Nobody who lived in Germany in the 1940s should've judged them and just let them go on killing their Jewish population.

That was sarcasm by the way. Countries may do what they wish, but when there's human rights travesties, it becomes the whole world's business.

Thank God us humans try to look out for other humans, wouldn't you agree?
MilaEighteen Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2011
Ah, Israel-bashing. A favourite form of recreation for those not sophisticated enough to talk about something not based on surmise, hearsay, or in some cases outright lying.
EbolaSparkleBear Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2011
Same can be said for the "Israel is pure and innocent" crowd as well.
MilaEighteen Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Of course. One must take a balanced view on the matter. I personally support Israel, but I'm not afraid to criticize it either. I draw the line at demonization, however. That is just plain anti-Semitic.
EbolaSparkleBear Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
MilaEighteen Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Whew. For a moment there I thought you were one of those "YAAH DESTROY ISRAEL" nutbags who won;t listen to reason. Thankfully, my worries have been assuaged.
EbolaSparkleBear Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Oh no, I'm one of the nutjobs that can't wait for the sun to explode:P

Nope, I fully understand that Hamas, the Israeli government, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran all want war and strife. Because if they all really wanted peace, it would have happened 20 years ago at least.
SharksinSpace Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012
Oh hi Omega fancy seeing you here... random question: Israel/Palestine, Israel and Palestine Israel or the Israeli Empire?
EbolaSparkleBear Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012
Can I add an option?
Bomb crater:bucktooth:

Israeli Empire sounds cool because it'd be the most hated empire ever.
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MilaEighteen Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
Or, "certain parties" are impeding the peace process. No one wants war and strife unless it's profitable to them. As I see it, the only one that stand to profit from all this is Iran. Everyone else has suffered.
Dziuravy Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010
riggghhhhttttt killing poor people. i guess this time you've gone a little too far in oyu'r paranoia.
st3wART Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
Wait...this cartoon is wrong, the Brazilians aren't using the drones to kill anyone, just to find criminals instead of using a police helicopter. The same will happen in the US and UK, only they'll use their own drones (Brazil has to buy them from someone, they don't make their own aircraft).

Stupid cartoon. Looking for reasons that don't really exist to bash Israel.
Leonhearth Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
Haha, to replace helicopters, so. Helicopters fly shooting over favelas all the time, look on youtube. You think they will use drones with intelligence, right? But brazilian police have no such thing. The military police is an institution of the time of the dictatorship, created to make people disappear, that's all. Thousands of deaths as resistance reports every year, deaths of suspects, all young, poor and black.
Bagam-The-Animator Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010  Professional Filmographer
Well you got to have efficiency right? I mean common...
Fotohunter Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2010  Student Writer
Is an interesting political cartoon, accurate with Israel, but inaccurate with the situation in Latin America. Hope you never have to live drug traffic and how the Latin criminals have changed the face of crime and terror in several places. The favelas was a mistake made long ago in Brazil and now drug dealing is using them to keep their terror safe and ongoing.
Leonhearth Featured By Owner Edited Mar 21, 2015
You know nothing Jon Snow. Organized crime only comes where the state does not. There are other forms for the state arrive at the favelas, other than killing. It's just an excuse for ethnic and social cleansing, things like that wouldn't happen with those the (narco)state and middle class really take as citizens.
GaleFire Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010
Sure is racial tension in here
backup-character Featured By Owner May 18, 2010
When I try to tell my relatives about the things Israel does to the Palestinians, they don't believe me. The last time I tried to explain to them that Israel used these unmanned drones to kill several civilians for seemingly no reason and then completely deny commiting any crime, my own family members just waved me off and said that my sources (the Guardian was one) must've been tabloids. They didn't think about it any further than that.
jtlim Featured By Owner May 21, 2010
Don't give up if there are certain people who deny the real facts of Israel, there are others out there who support the Palestinians and are against what Israel does. Though I do understand the difficulty in persuading relatives to agree, just don't give up, arm yourself with these knowledge and find the right kind of people of share and spread the knowledge. =)
Overlord299 Featured By Owner May 2, 2012
I used to support the Palestinians in their struggle against Israel, then I decided to take a closer look at the conflict, I came to the conclusion that in the Arab-Israeli conflict the only losers were the Palestinians, who were constanly used as a front by Egypt and later Syria and Iran as a way of pissing of Israel.

when groups like Hamas or other extremist groups attempt to take a shot at an Israeli encamptment, they do so using left over equipment from the Yom-kipper war, "donated" by Syria and Iran, When Israel inevitably fires back they do so using the latest in military technology. the IDF is trained to use their gear, PLO militants are not and as such rarely actually manage to hit anything.

The Arab-Israeli conflict is one of the single most morally ambigous on the planet and no side is completely in the right, Sometimes Israel will act like a bunch of monsters, other times it will be the PLO's turn. Do not pretend that the Palestinians are just a bunch of happy go-lucky care free lot of oppressed people, they are just as guilty of war crimes as Israel is.
MayaBlueSky Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010
C'mon, guys. Don't you think you're being a little unfair? I don't think you can judge all Israelis just by the representation they get in the media. They're normal people, just like guys from the US, say.
ashnazari Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010
people?... yes. normal people? ... no way. the people in Israel have been brainwashed so severely they hardly know the state of the stand off... even worse than the Americans...
DarkPrince2007 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Like Gaza, like favelas D:
jtlim Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2010
I'm gonna let the group I'm in (Students For Palestine, here in Australia) know about Israel/Brazilian Police weapon trade atrocities. 1st week for University is near and we're gonna use this example among a few others to find new Pro-Palestinian people during Orientation Week.

I hate these Zionist War Criminals with cold-bladed blood.
IsabellaRose Featured By Owner May 18, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fantastic, so muslims enter Australia and they bring their oppressive, blood lusting, jew hating bullshit with them.
Demonic-Bankai Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2011
Care to explain how you inferred that? Blanket accusations make a smart person not.
jtlim Featured By Owner May 18, 2010
Fuck off Racist, you obviously don't know a fucking shit about Muslims
AnubisGraph Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
KingNot Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010
Israel's digging it's own grave with its behavior. The "WWII Meal Ticket" is so punched out you can't see the print on it anymore.

Problem is, it'll make "Antisemitism" popular again once it happens, because they keep screaming anyone who even slightly doubts them is a "Nazi". Therefore, they keep maintaining the lie that not supporting Israel = Open Nazi-like antisemitism and people will believe it, but seeing Israel's behavior and with WWII out of living memory...

IMO, Israel will eventually get wiped off the map when the USA can't or won't back them up anymore. Then, nobody will be "Raptured" (1) and that was the only reason the "Good Christians" have done anything other than scream hatred and thrown bricks at Jews these last few decades. They'll stop going "Rapture" since the temple was destroyed again and go back to good old fashioned "Scapegoating" and with Israel's behavior, they'll have plenty of real things.

Note: 1-"Good Christians" the "Apocalypse of St John the Divine" is a hallucinogenic mushroom inspired revenge fantasy against the Emperor Nero. The Council of Nicaea almost shoved it into the "Apocrypha" except that they'd had so much political infighting with the "Gnostics" the whole thing was about to collapse. Allegorically it's good, "By their FRUIT ye shall KNOW them..." heheh Ted Fa- excuse me Haggard? But literally, it's about Rome and early Christianity. And the Emperor Nero exiled him to an island where people were starving, trying to grow food on rocky ground and hunt deer and the ground was covered with those red with white fluff mushrooms. He doubtless ate some or stepped on them, they all did.
SchattenLotus Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010
A unmanned Plane (Drone) is always a Sign that someone gives a Shit about Humanity- and Folkrights...

It's just disgusting and sad how criminal our "World" is actually and that this kind of treating others is known as "daily"/normal...
sethness Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010
Artistically, I particularly like your choice to make the Israeli's helmet so big and low that it hides his eyes. It nicely implies the soldier's narrow view and low intelligence.
Joao-Henrique-Brum Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
É muito mais "divertido" comprar brinquedinhos de guerra do que investir em educação, saúde e, principalmente, condições básicas de moradia.
Yuxtapuestoelmono Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010
Mmm, they looks like a mix of the Lipan and the Reaper :S
Ahmedqatar Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Shame on them!
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