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Israel exports oppression

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Brazil under fire for spending $350 million on Israeli drones

By Cnaan Liphshiz, Haaretz Correspondent

The anticipated use of Israeli-made drones by Brazilian police Tuesday drew criticism from a prominent ruling party politician. It also prompted social activists to seek greater cooperation with Palestinian movements to protest the "importation of Israeli oppression."

The sale of Israeli drones to Brazil "confirms that Israel draws indirect benefits from the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories," Valter Pomar, secretary of international relations for the leftist Workers Party (PT), told Haaretz.

Pomar said he disagreed with the "democratically-reached" decision to equip Brazilian police with drones used as part of what he termed "Israel's illegal and illegitimate actions."

"It is symptomatic that Brazil imports tactics and equipment from Israel, an ultra-militarized country which keeps an entire population under military occupation," said Mauricio Campos, a spokesman for the Network of Communities and Movements against Violence.

He added that the network - a prominent grassroots organization which sprang up six years ago in Rio's poor favelas, or shantytowns - will discuss the pending sale on Thursday, during a general meeting. "Without doubt, we will make our voices heard over this," Campos told Haaretz.

His group has organized various events to protest Israel's policies and what the network called "genocidal attacks" on Palestinians.

The discussion on Thursday of the drone sale was scheduled after Brazilian media reported last week that Rio's state police force is considering buying six Israeli Skylark I unmanned aerial vehicles to combat rampant crime.

In November, during President Shimon Peres' state visit to Brazil, Israel and Brazil sealed a $350 million deal for the supply of 14 Israeli Heron UAVs to several Brazilian law enforcement agencies.

That deal was completed weeks after a drug gang from a Rio favela shot down a police helicopter with a short range rocket.
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LizzyChromeHobbyist General Artist
Oh. It's you. 
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Also y u block comments on most pics? Cant tolerate free speech?
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Because this person is a cuck that can't comprehend that people have different opinions outside of his own. 
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Why do you assume everyone who supports Israel is a bigot, and wants to murder people?
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tem ideia do terror que o crime organizado impõe nas pessoas, anarquista otário
os assassinatos bárbaros que eles praticam  
um monte de policial morreu pra livrar sua cara estupida dos criminosos
então cala a boca e mostre respeito    
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Hahaha. Esquerdista de merda doente mental,com esse pensamento de oprimido,mais um idiota útil! Você pode ser salvo,deixe de ser idiota o vai se ferrar.
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you very very idiot!
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plzwork112234Hobbyist General Artist
Fuck you you bring arabs to shame
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if you don't live hear you don't have a right to judge us and if you do then get out no one wants you
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You're right. Nobody who lived in Germany in the 1940s should've judged them and just let them go on killing their Jewish population.

That was sarcasm by the way. Countries may do what they wish, but when there's human rights travesties, it becomes the whole world's business.

Thank God us humans try to look out for other humans, wouldn't you agree?
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Ah, Israel-bashing. A favourite form of recreation for those not sophisticated enough to talk about something not based on surmise, hearsay, or in some cases outright lying.
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Same can be said for the "Israel is pure and innocent" crowd as well.
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Of course. One must take a balanced view on the matter. I personally support Israel, but I'm not afraid to criticize it either. I draw the line at demonization, however. That is just plain anti-Semitic.
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Whew. For a moment there I thought you were one of those "YAAH DESTROY ISRAEL" nutbags who won;t listen to reason. Thankfully, my worries have been assuaged.
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Oh no, I'm one of the nutjobs that can't wait for the sun to explode:P

Nope, I fully understand that Hamas, the Israeli government, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran all want war and strife. Because if they all really wanted peace, it would have happened 20 years ago at least.
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Oh hi Omega fancy seeing you here... random question: Israel/Palestine, Israel and Palestine Israel or the Israeli Empire?
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Can I add an option?
Bomb crater:bucktooth:

Israeli Empire sounds cool because it'd be the most hated empire ever.
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Or, "certain parties" are impeding the peace process. No one wants war and strife unless it's profitable to them. As I see it, the only one that stand to profit from all this is Iran. Everyone else has suffered.
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riggghhhhttttt killing poor people. i guess this time you've gone a little too far in oyu'r paranoia.
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Wait...this cartoon is wrong, the Brazilians aren't using the drones to kill anyone, just to find criminals instead of using a police helicopter. The same will happen in the US and UK, only they'll use their own drones (Brazil has to buy them from someone, they don't make their own aircraft).

Stupid cartoon. Looking for reasons that don't really exist to bash Israel.
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Haha, to replace helicopters, so. Helicopters fly shooting over favelas all the time, look on youtube. You think they will use drones with intelligence, right? But brazilian police have no such thing. The military police is an institution of the time of the dictatorship, created to make people disappear, that's all. Thousands of deaths as resistance reports every year, deaths of suspects, all young, poor and black.
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Bagam-The-AnimatorProfessional Filmographer
Well you got to have efficiency right? I mean common...
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